The vehicle demand in the Pakistan market is always high as compared to the production of cars in Pakistan because the previous year government work on it and encourage the local manufacturer to produce more units in Pakistan to meet the demand of vehicle in the market. The local car production increases the revenue of the government and helpful to win the vehicle demand in the market. As compared to the previous years the production of local cars increases in the year 2018 and the sale of local cars also increase as compared to imported cars.

Sales of Local Cars and Imported Cars

Everyone knows that the imported vehicle is much expensive as compared to the local vehicle. The low-income person cant buys imported cars because the customs duty of imported cars is very high that’s why the preferred to buy local cars because of local cars available at a low price. The sale of local cars increase by 15.5 in July 2018 (first month of the current fiscal year) the local manufacturer 18,875 units were sold as compared to the same previous year 16, 337 units were sold and this strong performance is only happened because of government support the local car manufacturer companies.

The demand for the imported vehicle is not too down but as compared to the previous year it’s down because of the high manufacture of local cars production. The local cars industry of Pakistan overtake the imported cars in Pakistan. The imported vehicle demand is high just because of its high-quality features and specifications but now the local manufacturer also uses imported parts in their cars to win the market.

The strong reason for people moving to a local manufacturer car is its easily meet the demand of low-income persons. The production of local cars increased because the demand is increasing. Local manufacturer companies provide fully established and high-quality cars to the market to satisfied the customers and they also increased their level of cars production to win the market.

Benefits of Local Cars Sales

It is very beneficial for our economy to the high sale of local cars because Automotive industry is one of the best industry that gives them more profit as compared to others. Because everyone needs a vehicle for an easy life and everyone look the low price vehicle for easy purchase. In Pakistan the ratio of low-income person is high and most of them did not have the power to buy an imported vehicle because the customs duty if very high but the local cars are easily purchasable for them. The production of local car sales increases by 20.4 percent because of the demand for local cars. Production of local cars also enhance the purchasing power of people and take attention of everyone to buy local cars with low price.

Final Words

Production of the local car is increased and its show that the demand of local cars is high in the Pakistani market and it is very beneficial for the economy and it’s also a proud full for us that our Automotive industry is growing up and take profit by self. The import of vehicle is down in the last year because most of the imported car is 660 cc and the local industry also manufacture 660 cc to 800cc cars sale it with low price and it is good to buy a brand new car as compared to an imported used car.