Pak Suzuki has unveiled the automatic variant of its new Suzuki Cultus yesterday. Azam Mirza, the Executive Officer Marketing and After Sales Pak Suzuki, informed the media on the launch event that the company determined to bring the auto version of the Cultus after taking in note to the feedback of customers and dealers.

As per Mr. Azam, the new auto Cultus, officially known as Suzuki Cultus AGS (Auto Gear Shift) is initiated to target three types of potential buyers in Pakistan.

  1. Firstly, those who reside in densely populated and jam-packed cities of Pakistan. An auto car such as the 2018 Suzuki Cultus AGS can make the journey quite relaxed as evaluated with a manual car where you have to change gears all the time.
  2. Secondly, the car is for new female drivers who have a preference of automatic cars rather than manual cars due to ease of driving.
  3. And lastly, it will target imported car buyers.

Mr. Azam asserted during his launch speech that the inspiration behind the Cultus AGS was the wellbeing and concerns of Pakistani auto consumers.

The Cultus AGS is comparable to manual Cultus dimension wise. Nevertheless, as major engine component is different, all the auxiliaries are different too. You get a different cluster panel that presents all the related information. Besides the lower part of the dashboard is also special, to house the automatic gear shift lever.

As Pak Suzuki itself stated in the presentation, the AGS is essentially an “automated manual transmission” system. Rather than developing a fully automated transmission, Suzuki has opted a clever way to make their current manual transmission into an automatic transmission. The car comes equipped with an electronic actuator (its AGS unit) that works as a virtual clutch and aids the engine ECU choose and select the best gear when driving.

There is no physical clutch pedal for you to press and alter gear. The transmission is engaging and disengaging gears with the assist of this Auto Gear Shift unit. This lends a hand in getting the efficiency of a manual gearbox from an automatic gearbox while having the convenience of an automatic transmission.

It is better to say we all are eager about the new car and it will be attention-grabbing to see how it does not only compared to imported vehicles of similar size but also with the price against its manual transmission versions. The 2018 Suzuki Cultus AGS has a price tag of PKR1,528,000.