1. Nissan Sunny

Nissan Sunny is considered as the passage level car from around the globe with a beginning cost of 12-14 lakh relying upon the market. Tragically, it’s not normally accessible in Pakistan any longer. Luckily, numerous old models are still observed on streets today, which you should need to think about purchasing. It was accessible in both the EX 1.3 and additionally the EX Saloon 1.6 variations. Costs go from 8 to 10 lakh for the model year 2006 or more for the both 1.3L EX Saloon and EX Saloon 1.6. On the off chance that you are not willing to spend that much cash at that point there are additionally less expensive Sunny autos plentifully accessible in this classification that are either the 1990 model or the 2000 model. The post-2000 EX Saloon Sunny autos are generally less in number. The ones you figure out how to discover can cost around 6.5 lakh, which is a decent arrangement for an imported 1300cc auto. Nissan Sunny is very roomy and has a good estimated boot. The element list is likewise useful at the cost as it accompanies control guiding, control bolts, and power windows. The 1.3L unit in this auto is said to restore a fuel normal of around 14-15km/l. So you can have some not too bad long journies in this auto. Remember that the parts accessibility is low, which is the main impressive drawback of purchasing this auto.

2. Kia Spectra

Essentially known as Kia Shuma, Dewan Farooque Motors propelled this auto as Kia Spectra in 2001. The Dewan Group needed to enter the Pakistani market with the assistance of this auto, in any case, it turned out poorly as arranged in light of the fact that soon the organization defaulted. There were not very many clients for this auto, and the organization additionally didn’t figure out how to convey booked units in time. Luckily, that is all past, and few utilized Kia Spectras are up at deal at costs as low as 3 Lakh. The auto was just accessible with a 1.5-liter motor, and Kia alongside Hyundai was the first to dispatch an auto with a processing plant fitted CNG unit at the time. The 1500cc motor made 86 strength. The auto had a genuinely present-day outline with respect to its season of dispatch. You can without much of a stretch purchase a good looking utilized Kia Spectra from anyplace between 4 to 6 lakh. In spite of being suspended, parts are not hard to discover.

3. Suzuki Liana

Suzuki Liana bombed pitiably amid its creation in Pakistan, however, that doesn’t mean it was fundamentally an awful auto by any stretch of the imagination. Also, on the off chance that you have taken after my past web journals than at this point, you may definitely realize that it’s by and by my most loved because of the current value drop. You can get some epic arrangements on Suzuki Liana. On the off chance that you are searching for spending vehicles and would prefer not to spend excessively yet at the same time need something great, at that point this is the correct auto. Otherwise called the Suzuki Aerio in different markets, Liana was the immediate contender to the Honda City and Corolla Gli/Xli. It had a 1300cc (1330cc for later models) and a 1600cc with both manual or programmed transmission. Suzuki Pakistan likewise offered Liana in a few variations including RXi, LXi, Eminent and Sports version. You can without much of a stretch purchase a Liana RXi/LXi today for as low as 5 lakh, which has control directing, control windows, and ABS as well. In any case, burn through 6.5-7 lakh rupees, and you will have mint condition top-notch auto (Liana Eminent) with highlights like invert camera, Infotainment framework, ABS, and power control. A few units likewise accompany a plant fitted CNG pack which was very cutting-edge for now is the ideal time.

4. Toyota Belta

Though Belta has been stopped for the Japanese market and Toyota has replaced it with a 1.33L Toyota Axio for nearly the same price. It’s still being sold as Toyota Vios in various other markets including Indonesia and Thailand. Belta is designed for the people who like the Vitz but don’t want a hatchback. So this is what Toyota did and gave Toyota Vitz a boot and named it Belta. The car gained huge popularity in Pakistan due to its spacious interior, low running cost and most important of all a low price. This makes it a perfect choice for families for long drives and day to day use. Belta mainly has two engine options; one is a 1.0L which is same as the one used in Vitz, while the other is a 1.3L unit, which I suggest you should buy. Since the car has a relatively big body, the 1.0L is underpowered, and with five people onboard the cars can struggle even on straight roads so do keep that in mind before buying. You can easily buy the 1.3L unit around PKR 10 lakh.

5. Mitsubishi Lancer

When I say Lancer, don’t confuse it for the execution arranged Lancer Evo. The one I am discussing is the more sparing and spending plan well-disposed form and picked up a tremendous fame in Pakistan. This auto was propelled in 2005 and is in an extraordinary request from auto purchasers searching for a smooth and capable auto. Not at all like the Kia Spectra, the Mitsubishi Lancer is accessible in a significantly more sensible motor arrangement. Those sensible motor alternatives are a 1.3L unit or a 1.6L unit. There are numerous variations in this auto, for example, a GLX 1.3L manual, GLX 1.3L Automatic, GLX 1.6 Manual and GLX 1.6 Auto and GLX SR. In more established models, you can without much of a stretch locate the 1500cc motor also. It bodes well since anybody searching for good efficiency figures will need the 1300cc motor while the rest will run with the 1500cc motor. With that aside, Lancer was likewise a completely stacked auto considering its time with highlights, for example, control windows, control mirrors, ABS, control guiding. It can without much of a stretch convey 5 individuals in spite of its smooth body outline. Hope to pay PKR 7-9 lakhs for a Lancer.

6. Nissan Note 1st Gen

Nissan Note is a Mini MPV from Japan which began its life in 2004. The Note is open, highlight pressed and sufficiently a controlled family MPV. Discussing power, Nissan basically comes in Pakistan with a 1.5L motor fit for 109HP, which is 2 torque more than its essential rivalry the Toyota Fielder X in Pakistan. Likewise, the auto is more extensive than the vast majority of its adversaries and the boot is sufficiently substantial to effectively suit gear of a group of 5 individuals. Since these autos don’t cost much so you can utilize them for your family trips all the time. Hope to pay 9.5-10 lakhs for a not too bad unit.

7. Honda Accord CF3

Accord CF3 is the 6th era of Honda Accord and its a truly tolerable looking auto for its period. Fabricated from 1997 to 2002 mostly in the US, Europe, Japan, and China, just a modest bunch of these Japanese units influenced it to Pakistan to and are currently being sold at an exceptionally sensible cost from around 7 to 10 lakh, contingent upon the condition and enlistment number. By and by, I cherish this auto, and the plan seems extremely engaging at first look. It has thin headlights and tail lights that give this understanding an extremely particular look from Accords of today. The variations you can purchase incorporate a 1800cc form or a 2000cc rendition both with a programmed. While there was likewise a 2.4L motor, yet tragically relatively few of these were foreign. Indeed, even the 1.8L and 2.0L are very uncommon in Pakistan. Presently since its an uncommon auto then you would need to confront two or three issues of parts accessibility on the grounds that in the event that you keep running into a major issue you would need to get them sent from another nation (extraordinary cases). Be that as it may, these autos are as of now exceptionally solid so don’t expect excessively of an issue. On the off chance that you can without much of a stretch get over the little issues like these then what you have is an exceptionally trendy auto which can undoubtedly convey five travelers. It likewise gangs a totally huge trunk for baggage. Indeed, even the base 1.8L motor has 139HP which is another in addition to point for the CF3.