The Auto Policy 2016-21 and the forthcoming competition has enforced the Big 3 of our market to do something out of the ordinary. Suzuki, Toyota and Honda which long conquered the automobile market with a handful of alternative that never contend each other are now forced to get ready for some severe competition next to the upcoming European, South Korean and Chinese players.

As per the information published in Dawn, the Big3 have by now set to introduce new vehicles in 2018 and 2019. Indus Motors will put an end to the 1300cc Corolla variants and will instead launch the Vios sedan as a replacement likely towards Q3 2018.

Pak Suzuki has also lastly decided to bid a farewell to the 30 year old Mehran. The company will bring in the 660cc Alto in early 2019. While Honda Atlas is also bearing in mind to assemble the 1200cc Brio hatchback locally.

As per the report, local vendors have already started the development of parts for Suzuki Alto (660cc) and Toyota Vios. Additionally, the companies have also confirmed the cost of auto parts that will be made locally.

FAW is also seemingly working on to set up an SUV and a sedan to their lineup by 2019, as certain models are in consideration but not confirming yet.

Pakistan’s automobile market will see an addition of several new players in coming years seeing that Renault partnered with Al-Futtaim, Hyundai by Nishat Group, Kia by Lukcy Cement (Yunus Brothers Group) whereas United Autos and Sazgar Engineering having teamed up with Chinese automobile manufacturers (yet unnamed), will be step into the market with their range of vehicles.