The government of Pakistan introducing tax amnesty scheme for non-custom paid vehicle on may 14 2019 PTI government again introduce this policy for all smuggled vehicles in the country.
In March 2013 Pakistan People Party (PPP) government introduce this policy for clearing the non-custom vehicle and generate revenue from this. Again the PTI government extended this scheme because in the tribal areas of Pakistan like KPK and Balochistan there are thousands of vehicles hit the road without paying customs tax. The basic purpose of this scheme is to register these vehicles, and it’s also beneficial for tax collection.
This is the second time to introduce amnesty scheme for the non-custom paid vehicle in the back March 2019 when Pakistan People Party (PPP) introduced this scheme they collect 10 billion revenue from this scheme and registered almost 34000 vehicles.
In the back, July 2013 the High Court of Islamabad declared scheme as this is illegal and said that if government take these vehicles by the custom and sold in open auction it will more beneficial and generate more profit then amnesty scheme, but in November 2013 this order was suspended by the divisional bench of HIC.
According to the details. The government aims to spread the tax system in the country and bring more people under the tax scheme this will help out to measure the ration of unemployment in the country and will increase the tax collection. This scheme gives the chance for the nation custom paid vehicles owners to register their vehicle and drives freely on the road of all province of the country.
It is interesting to see what results come out from the amnesty scheme this time and how it’s helpful for generating revenue and collection of tax. The government has the plan to achieve the target of registered non-custom paid vehicles of the tribal areas of the country.