A 7.0-inch infotainment structure is standard; tech, for instance, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, adaptable voyage control, and motorized emergency braking are optional. Among reasonable size autos, engaging blueprint is definitely not hard to get it together of. Any number of ordinary assessed family four-portals can be stacked up with tremendous wrangles latest devices, and support versions approach within refinement that used to be the prohibitive territory of German excess vehicles like the Audi A6. The present gen A6 never again develops the way it did when it showed up in 2011, despite when it’s roosted on 20-inch wrangles lowlier, for instance, a Mazda 6 Grand Touring or a Kia Optima SX pulls very close by.

The A6 a foundation for anyone new to upscale IDs: With this auto, your extra utilize buys substance, not just style. At $72,175, in any case, our Florett Silver A6 3.0T Competition wasn’t altogether not quite the same as the last 3.0T Prestige we attempted, despite the $5275 higher sticker. For that extra scratch, the new best spec Competition indicate squashes seven more quality from its supercharged 3.0-liter V-6 (for an entirety of 340), incorporates five-talked wheels from the S6, paints the brake calipers red, and makes standard the Sport and Black Optic groups (wear suspension, summer tires, go out grille, and shimmer dim trim). It is like manner procures inside pieces from the S6, including its high-back front holder seats, valuable stone sewed calfskin installs, and intense rearward sitting arrangement bolsters. A level base directing wheel is fitted, unless you organize the $500 Cold Weather package, which brings a circuitous wheel that is warmed (and also warmed secondary lounges). Our test auto similarly had the $2550 Driver Assistance package (flexible voyage control, mechanized emergency braking, way keeping help, 360-degree cameras, and modified high-shafts). With the flexible excursion and way keeping controls isolated between two coordinating area stalks with a rocker switch on one, the structure is adequately able to automate the auto in low-speed action yet is jumbled to modify. We tinkered with this system two or three times, however the A6 lean towards your hands and feet in charge—as do we. Progress on the gas, steer into a turn, or get on the brakes, and the auto’s responses clear up why the A6 costs twice as much as a V-6 Honda Accord.

The Audi’s supercharged six-barrel motor is Bentley-noiseless out of gear and at low speeds. Change to Dynamic mode, and just a bookkeeper would shout at it. The fumes is quiet and there’s a quieted consumption growl at redline where the ZF eight-speed programmed upshifts with a snap. Left in the Auto or Comfort setting, the A6 just skims, unperturbed by street blemishes, in spite of the firmer suspension and 20-inch wheels. Most drivers are probably not going to incite the Competition model’s torque-vectoring back differential, however in hard driving, it will give more energy to the outside back wheel, honing turn-in and helping with midcorner soundness.

Shod with the standard Pirelli P Zeros, the A6 Competition created horizontal hold and braking numbers—0.93 g and a 159-foot prevent from 70 mph—essentially keeping pace with the 3.0T Prestige we beforehand tried. Maybe it was our auto’s 87-pound weight impediment and absence of 93-octane fuel at our California testing district, however we couldn’t summon any superior to 5.2 seconds to 60 mph, versus the 4.6 we recorded in the normal A6 3.0T. Despite the fact that the A6 Competition had a slight edge in moving begin and midrange speeding up, seven additional horses and an indistinguishable 325 lb-ft of torque obviously aren’t transformational. That is still a lot of push, positively enough to make a decent contention for the supercharged V-6 over the base turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four. Indeed, even alongside more up to date contenders, for example, the Mercedes-AMG E43 and the BMW 540i, the Audi’s powertrain and undercarriage stand their ground. The A6’s age is uncovered by its MMI infotainment framework, which depends on a different touchpad for zooming maps, exchanging radio presets, and penmanship acknowledgment. So, it’s as yet a standout amongst the most instinctive setups accessible.

For its most current autos, however, Audi has moved that usefulness onto the surface of a bigger looking over handle and has erased the four sub menu catches encompassing it. This isn’t a major issue, however in the wake of examining the less complex equipment and fresher illustrations on the most recent A3 and A4, it’s reasonable the new setup is a change. Materials and general fit are excellent—another territory where the A6 feels as new as ever—and this test illustration’s red complexity sewing and piano-dark trim declare its genuine capacity without the ostentatious of some other producers’ lively insides. We likewise burrow the exemplary simple measures, which are inclined marginally toward the inside show in the instrument bunch. The auto’s age again appears in its more seasoned hardware—particularly the power-withdrawing infotainment screen that makes unseemly mechanized clamors—alongside the absence of adaptable surrounding lighting and movable side supporting. An all-new A6 is impending.


However the greatest contradiction to this A6 isn’t the age of the hidden auto. As evaluated, the 3.0T Competition is at eye level with the 450-hp S6, however it doesn’t offer any substantial execution advantage over the consistent 3.0T. As quite a bit of a great looking S6 resemble the other alike as it seems to be, you can arrange extraordinary, similarly beautiful 20-inch wheels (with summer tires and a game suspension) on a stacked A6 Prestige for thousands less. Whichever A6 you pick, the Optima driver one path over may not comprehend why you purchased an Audi, but rather you unquestionably will.