As far their very inauguration into the market, the new Audi cars in Pakistan have taken over the hearts of the sports car buyers. Audi is an immense name in the sphere of influence of designing, engineering, producing and marketing a stripe of world-class luxury vehicles. The company has 11 manufacture services in 9 countries. It markets the luxury vehicles, above all the cars around the world.

They are well-known for their tremendously powerful, luxurious and classy driving experience. In the meantime, their fuel economy, acceleration and environment friendly performance are predominantly noteworthy.The Audi line of luxury cars for family and sporting purposes comprises off more than 10 diverse brands. All are personification of the first-rate tech standards.

Audi has also set up its mark in Pakistani market as well .We know that last month, the government of Pakistan issued SRO 1035(I)/2017  that was supposed to raise the customs duty on imported cars with 1800cc and above engines.

In view of the fact, we have companies like Audi, Porsche and Dewan import such CBUs, it was simply a matter of time when these companies would raise up the prices of their respective cars.

Here are the updated prices of Audi cars in Pakistan (Nov, 2017).