Recently the government has allowed to non-filer to purchase a 1300cc engine capacity vehicle but restrict them to purchase only local assemble the vehicle. According to the new information now non-filer can buy a car but the authorities will investigate their source of income.

Furthermore, no vehicle will be registered without the income statement file whenever a non-filer registers their car with a Provincial Motor Vehicle Authority they will be asked the documents of their source of income and the documents are must required. The government has started this rule to identify the source of income of the non-filer. Moreover, the Federal Board of Revenue established digital links with all the provincial authorities to get data of all vehicle registration from them. This will also helpful in case if the real-time data connection is lost the FBR is providing all the information.

Moreover, the government allows the non-filer to purchase the vehicle is just because to boost the Pakistan automotive industry and try to increase the income of the economy. The government has the aim to increase Pakistan vehicle sales in the country.