Its a dream of everyone to buy a brand new car but it is not possible for low-income persons but now the brand new cars available in Pakistan with a price range everyone can easily dream to buy. After discontinuation of Suzuki Mehran production, many of the automakers launched their vehicle in Pakistan there United Bravo and Prince Pearl is in the top list. These two vehicles will be launched soon in Pakistan and both are available in two variants manual and automatic and the price of automatic variants is around 10 lac.

Prince Pearl

Regal Automobile launched its new hatchback 800cc in Pakistan and recently this hatchback comes to Lahore for test driving. It means that the company is ready to launch this vehicle and the manufacturing process is completed. The company offer two variants of this vehicle manual and automatic and the price of manual is around 7.5 to 8 lac and the automatic variants price is around 10 lac. The company offer latest and unique features in both variants and completed this vehicle with all new specification for its consumers. There is great news for Pakistan Automobile industry that local manufacture vehicle is available in automatic variants and will hope this change will complete the demand of the automobile market. This new hatchback will offer 800cc engine and this engine capacity is more then for small car with this price range all the goof vehicle facilities available in this car air condition and heater, power steering, LCD infotainment system, power window, aluminum rims and 5 person seating capacity all of these features confirmed that this new hatchback in the market and increase the demand of this vehicle in Pakistan Automobile market.

United Bravo

United Bravo is the highest demand vehicle of Pakistan because of its unique and latest features. United Autos launched its first car on 8 September 2018 and now they have planned to launch United Bravo 2019 with automatic variant. As the first version of united Bravo company provides the latest features in this car and compared with Suzuki Mehran. As compared to the Suzuki Mehran this vehicle provides the latest features and technology and win the market demand. This new small car will offer four electric windows, remote central lock, reverse camera, electric power steering, touch screen infotainment system and air condition. The engine power of this vehicle is 800cc. United autos have the aim to touch the Suzuki Mehran market. This is great news for Pakistan Automakers that the production of car increase and touch the consumer demand.