The main reason of automobile industries of Pakistan to raise price is the devaluation of Pakistani currency. Because of the devaluation of Pakistani currency the price of the vehicle has increased in Pakistan.


In the past few months, almost all the manufacturer in Pakistan increase the prices of bikes and cars and this is just because the reasons of the devaluation of Pakistani currency and the major reason of devaluation of Pakistani currency has the political and economic issue of Pakistan.

However, the Benelli is a little reluctant of Pakistan but they also raised the prices of bikes.

Below are the new prices of Benelli Bikes:

        Model                          New Price
        Benelli TNT 250cc                             Rs. 535,500
        Benelli 302R                              Rs. 750,000
        Benelli TNT 150i                              Rs. 315,000
        Benelli TNT 600                               Rs. 1,400,000
        Benelli TRK 502                                Rs. 1,250,000


A few months ago Atlas Honda also increases the prices of its CG 125 and CB 150F by Rs. 1000 and 2900.