BMW, German automotive giant recalls all 2014-18 i3 electric vehicles. As per the company, the action is being taken after a safety test was conducted on its vehicle that illustrated that; people who are smaller somewhat at or approximately 5 feet tall and 110 pounds sitting at driver’s seat might experience, more damage, severe neck injury in a frontal crash if the person has not fastened the seat belt.

The German automaker has emphasized that in its test this trouble did not occur in any manner at all; nevertheless, in current tests, the liability mentioned above was observed.

The company has informed all its dealers to stop selling cars until it can repair all 30,542 affected cars and this is not the first time BMW has recalled his vehicles. The company has recalled around 1 million vehicles in North America, a few weeks back. The plan to recall the automobiles were taken over two problems that posed fire risks.

The company made two individual recall, first is BMW 3-series models from 2006-11, the problems in these vehicles is that climate control system is vulnerable to overheat. Furthermore, the second recall cover cars from 2007- 2011 BMW models that are operational with a 6-cylinder engine.

The setback in these vehicles is that the heater, that is particularly designed to uphold and keep the crankcase ventilation from freezing, has the risk of short-circuiting.

Apart  from BMW, Japanese automaker Honda also recalls 900,000 minivans subsequent to the company received reports concerning people caught up in injuries owing  to the problem in seats in the second row which is creating  the seats to tip forward if not latched properly.

This is the finest course of action by BMW and as one of the leading auto manufacturer in the world confessing  mistakes is a bold step and taking steps to modify it

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