In Pakistan, it is not possible for everyone to buy brand new low budget cars but nowhere is good news for low-income employees that they have also approach to buy a brand new car with a low budget. Pakistan automotive industry is now going to produce a low budget car in the country. The purpose of producing low budget cars is to fulfill the demand of the low-income employees and it will also generate profit for the government. As we know that if we are going to import brand new cars it is not possible for low-income employees but now they can also buy a brand new car with a low budget.

There is three auto manufacturer who provides the brand new vehicle in Pakistan with a low budget.

Prince Pearl

Brand New Low Budget Cars In

Regal Automobiles is going to launch its brand new 800 cc car in Pakistan. Prince pearl available in Pakistan with two variants automatic and the manual user can choose as demand. The expecting price of this is around 7 to 8 lac. The seating capacity of this car is 5 person easily sit. This car come with a heater and air condition. This low budget car is easily meet the need for low budget car consumers. The estimated length of this car is 3610mm with the width of 1570mm and the height of this car is 1490mm.


  • 796 cc water-cooled EFI engine
  • 40 horsepower
  • 60 Nm torque
  • 145 mm ground clearance
  • 5 m turning radius
  • steering type: Rack and Pinion with Electric Motor
  • label type: Petrol
  • mileage: 25 KM/L
  • transmission Type: Manual and Auto
  • seating capacity: 5 person
  • brakes: Front: Discs, Rear: Drums

United Bravo

Brand New Low Budget Cars In

United Auto Industry has launched it’s brand new 800 cc car in Pakistan. According to the company, this brand new local car has more featured any other local car. This brand new car available in the Pakistan market and the price of this vehicle is 7 lac. United Auto provides all good specification in this local car to win the local market demand.

In 2017 United Auto applied to Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan to launch copyright of vehicle design 800cc and the 1000cc vehicle in Pakistan.


  • rear parking camera
  • lSeat-Belt warning indicator
  • power windows
  • touch screen Infotainment system
  • lRPM and Speedometer Dial
  • digital Info Cluster
  • wooden Exterior

Suzuki Alto

Brand New Low Budget Cars In

Pak Suzuki currently launched its brand new low budget car in Pakistan Suzuki Alto. Suzuki Alto is a 660 cc car. Pak Suzuki is Pakistan’s largest Auto manufacture industry. In the last year, the company unveiled the news to news to start production of alto 660cc in Pakistan and this year the company launched this car in Pakistan. This is great news for Pakistan Automotive industry because everyone knows that Suzuki always provides a good features car in Pakistan with low price. The price of this vehicle is around 8 to 12 lac, this vehicle available in two variants automatic and manual. Pak Suzuki launched 3 variants of Alto

  • Suzuki Alto VX
  • Suzuki Alto VXR
  • Suzuki Alto VXL

In Suzuki VXL model AC and Automatic transmission available.

Final words

This is a piece of good news for Pakistan Automobile industry to produce a low budget for the public. This will generate the revenue of Pakistan economy and will fulfill the need of consumers who want a brand new car with a low budget. This will show that in the future Pakistan will be entering the name of the biggest automobile industry. Local manufacture vehicle especially produces to target the low budget market of Pakistan.