As one of the most classiest and tech savvy cars of the current times Byton stands out to be the car out of a tech freak’s dream world. Chinese based car corporation has unveiled a concept of such a car which is going to be an all-electric, all purpose and extremely technology oriented car of the contemporary car era. The company is said to sell the sample production by the end of this year.

The body of the car is downright classy and is typically associated with the concept of cars that are normally showed on the CES. The exterior is not that flashy though, but it is far from anything that could be labeled as boring or conventional as well, because the exteriors speak about the chic aura which is brought to life.

The speed records are remarkable as well, according to the car startups that were essentially witnessed in a couple of past years SUVs are seen to perform well in terms of their speed records as the maximum achieved so far has been something upto 272 horsepower and that is way too much to handle. Same is the case with this Byton concept where it is promised to perform normally at 250-272 horsepower but the high performing multiple/dual motor varieties of the concept will be seeing hopping around at about 476 horsepower which is quite high for an SUV to be expected.

For the most basic model of the car a modest price of about Rs. 4,500,000 has been estimated which is quite affordable and accessible for masses in terms of money and expenses as proposed.

So after one opens the doors of this SUV well that’s quite a game changer because the interiors of the car roar class and supreme elegance. So the dashboard of the car is basically a giant screen that extends from one pillar to the other and is simply chic and massive at the same time. But talk about innovation here.

This concept will be the herald of SUV concept in the world and will definitely create innovation at the level of substantial performance and class to be offered in quite nominal prices where competitive SUVs in such prices are not this tech savvy and classy, at all.

By the end of 2018 or may be the start of 2019, the production of the car is said to be started and will definitely include a plan to sell the car worldwide. It is going to be produced more into a form of a Sedan than a coupe and the design will be ornamental but compact, tech savvy but not flashy, and that we think speaks a lot about the classiness and elegance of this proposed SUV.

The steering wheel is being said to be embedded with an eight inch tablet. Talk about modernization at its peak. Whether a modest and simple interface is introduced or more of a galaxy spinning screen set, either ways the inlay of the car is going to be extravagant in terms of the number of screens and their functions thereof. The seats are proposed to actually rotate about twelve degrees inwards.

Byton is seen to have wild and extraordinary ambitions regarding the functionality of these screens as well. Voice activation as well as facial recognition are some of the features that will allow the car users to execute some gesture based controls and functions which have never been seen in a typical SUV ever before. Below the center of the screened dashboard are certain cameras that are actually going to be responsible for reading the gesture inputs that are ultimately going to be executed as per the commands by the car itself. Isn’t this genius?

Screens have been found on the head rests of the seats on the backside meant for entertainment of the additional passengers. But they are dependent on a gesture based controlling as well in coordination with facial recognition options. They are not going to be extremely touch sensitive which is quite well designed keeping in mind the multi-purposed interiors, which are actually meant for providing comfort.

The concept also promises an operating system that will be comfortable in use and user friendly to the max. Initially it will be loaded very lightly for the impactful usage. Customers have however been asked for input in terms the feedback that is needed for more upgrades in shape as well as the user interface demands.

The Byton Life experience is what caught our attention. This technology will introduce a smart and open cloud which will be digital in form but will seamlessly connect with all the devices programmed in the user interface and will access the data of the consumer to help make the experience more customized in its performance. Things like music, videos or anything for entertainment purposes will be specially customized for each individual for better experience.

The best is yet to be mentioned. The iHealth option will sync in with the digital fitness accessories and are going to be effortlessly assimilated in the side pods. This car’s basic idea is to track majority of the data about and around the consumer.

These ideas also seem like an exaggeration but let’s not forget that an abundantly autonomous driving option is being introduced which is ready to be launched and in full swing. The car is not being promised to be a 100% tech savvy drive but in fact a level-3 kind of drive that will incorporate a driver’s assistance along with self-driving capabilities as well.

So what does it all add up to? The experts are relating and comparing it more to the Tesla model 3 but the interiors as well the interactions offered by the SUV concept of Byton are sensed more of a nearly-fully-self driven car which requires a driver for its functioning, so it is all good so far. Concepts of this kind have been introduced many a times but what counts is the level of functionality and performance offered by the concept and the best part about Byton is an extreme level of user friendly performing ethics and tools.