The popular ride-hailing service of Pakistan Careem has changed its payment method from its customers that will effect from 25th January 2019.

When the ride-hailing service starts in Pakistani market they give the cheap fare ride for its users and facilitate them with promotions and other benefits. When Careem starts its services in the Pakistani market they have a big competitor Uber and Uber also provide the same facilities like Careem. But the payment method of Careem has changed from the Uber. Careem ride service always tries to facilitate its customers and give them the relaxation to its customer if they have enough money against their fare ride price they can pay the remaining amount on the next ride. For example, if your fare ride price is 500 and you have only 300 on the time and then you have a choice to request to the captain to put remaining amount on your next ride.

But now Careem change this policy and remove this system you have to pay to pay the whole amount on the time because Careem said about this change that this directly impacts on the captain’s earning and Careem said because of customers did not pay the full fare which is not a level playing field for the hard working captains.

On the other hand, Careem gives them the other facilities to its customers that they have an option of paying additional cash that could be utilized on the next ride and if customers have not full amount to pay to the captain they have other options. Following options is mention:

Captain has the option to deposit your remaining amount up to 400 on your next ride.

Captain can take you to the near ATM for the cash withdraw.

You have an option to enter the details of your debit or credit card to pay the amount of your ride.