It is all the more known that the auto industry is all coming into the transformation of the single speeds and is converting technology from the view of fossil-fuel based vehicles to electric motor engines. This is used to protect the world from pollution just as to enable sustainable, eco-friendly technology, and even enhance vehicle productivity. There are so many Chinese automakers who are stepping into this process mentioning with the names of Haohong Motors, Weifang Shandong Electric Power Technology Co Ltd., Shanghai Shenlong Bus Co Ltd., Wuxi Shengbao Electric Vehicle Co Ltd. and so many more. They have often signed Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) with the medium of local Pakistani companies to launch electric vehicles in the country. The Government of Pakistan has stood with their permission to almost eight new automakers to set up their assembly and manufacturing plants in the country. This statement has been revealed the sources in EDB at the open hearing organized by Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) straight into the bid to discuss competition and consumer concerns. Moreover, there have been seven applications that are under review. Some so many new entrants are coming into the Pakistan that is somehow the gap between the demand and supply of vehicles that will not be an issue in the coming years. The companies hence would not just be able to manufacture commercial vehicles but also passenger cars too. In the recently conducted budget, there was the announcement by the side of the federal government that there have been greater incentives that have been given to electric cars and busses. The government has often given out with the exemptions of 16 percent customs duty on top of charging stations of electric vehicles, as well as reduction of customs duty from 50 percent to 25 percent and an exemption of 15 percent regulatory duty (RD) on electric cars. The government has often reduced customs duty on kits of electric vehicles from the range of the 50 percent to 10 percent. Additionally, the interest of the Chinese automakers is increasing as in the direction of Pakistan owing to the recent Auto Policy 2016-21 and the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Those days are not far away when Pakistani people will choose to drive electric cars over vehicles which only run on fuel.

Chinese Electric Car Manufactures Eye Pakistani Market

Introduction about Chongqing Changan Automobile Limited:

Chongqing Changan Automobile Limited has also signed an agreement with Master Motors to assemble as well as sell cars in the country. Master Motors has even held away with the groundbreaking ceremony of the assembly plant as where the company would collect and sell Changan’s vehicles.

All about Changan Automobile:

Changan Automobile is well known regarding manufacturing high-end SUVs and Sedans in China. It has also been unveiled out that the Masters Motors will launch CX70, a 7-seater SUV and a sedan in the country very soon.

Information About Jinbei Automobile:

Jinbei has collaborated in the association with the Zenith Automotive (Pvt) Ltd. to distribute and sell its vehicles just as all over the country. Currently, the company is all set regarding launching with the five commercial and passenger minivans for the sake of local consumers, which are Jinbei X30, as well as Jinbei X30 (deluxe), Jinbei X30L, Jinbei H1 and also Jinbei H2. Jinbei has been taking into account the 60 percent market share in minivans segment in China and is also importing vehicles just as over globally. All cars that have become the part of Pakistan are CBUs, and yet the company is often planning to build a CKD assembly in Pakistan.