Daewoo Battery – a cutting-edge battery was propelled across the nation. Daewoo Battery is the main maker of lead-corrosive batteries in Pakistan offering a total scope of 100% support free batteries for car use and concentrated profound cycle batteries for UPS. These specific batteries are intended to be completely good with Pakistani condition and made utilizing most progressive Korean Technology under the immediate supervision of Korean specialists.

Utilizing a vehicle battery for UPS has been a training for quite a long time. Be that as it may, many individuals don’t understand this training is harming their UPS. Accordingly, Daewoo offers a different profound cycle innovation battery for UPS and a 100% support free battery for vehicles. The two batteries have a 1-year free substitution guarantee.

Daewoo’s 100% maintenance free battery for autos is intended to make your life agreeable and bother free. The battery is totally fixed, pre-accused and filled with good quality electrolyte by the producer. Thus, it is prepared to utilize, and you don’t need to stress over checking and filling electrolyte blend (sulfuric acid) all through its lifetime. Aside from this, Daewoo upkeep free battery accompanies the most noteworthy CCA (chilly wrenching amperage) that splendidly withstands the icy climate.

Daewoo’s specific profound cycle innovation battery for UPS gives you the longest reinforcement time and the longest life because of greatest release rate. This particular profound cycle innovation battery is most appropriate for UPS/universes in homes, workplaces, and businesses. It is likewise prepared to use as it comes pre-accused and filled with good quality electrolyte by the producer. Daewoo’s Deep Cycle batteries are low upkeep, so you don’t need to check battery water regularly.