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Daimler Smart

About Smart

SMart Automobile is a German automotive marquee and comes under the wing of Daimler AG. It has a variety of range in microcars and subcompacts, but first and foremost the Fortwo and Forfour. It has been marketed well in 46 countries located in Asia, North and South America, Africa, Australia and Europe. The production of the Fortwo had crossed the limit of 1.7M units in the beginning of 2015. In the early-70s and late-80s, the basic concept of design for the company’s automobiles initiated at Mercedes-Benz. In October 1998, following a short backing by Volkswagen, the first model was commenced by Daimler-Benz .By now, more than a few variants on the initial design have been introduced, with the original one being the “Fortwo”.SMart is the derivative of  Swatch and Mercedes. 


On March 4, 1994, a pact was proclaimed at a press conference at Mercedes-Benz headquarters that the some automobile companies would start its collaboration in beginning Micro Compact Car AG (MCC). 49% of the early capital of 50 million Swiss francs was given by SMH and 51% by Daimler-Benz. The company contained two subsidiaries: MCC GmbH based in Renningen and the then-unnamed manufacturing plant. The SMH Auto SA would intend a hybrid electric drive system for the car, whereas Hayek Engineering would inspect the design and manufacturing. SMH had no contribution in the design of these concepts and they were renamed as Mercedes-Benzes.  

Technology And Performance 

SMart cars are sporty and progressive. It has the mobility in its purest form, reduces every type of waste, uses all the senses and accelerates in the direction of the future. The smart Electric Drive puts stress on the drive, with an enhanced turning radius, acceleration and top speed .A Lithium-ion battery that has an 8-year warranty for shorter charge times and obviously has the greatest range. As reviewed by the IIHS, the smart fortwo has gained the group’s uppermost safety rating, special greetings to the patented Tridion Safety Cell as well as the high-tech front and side airbags. The Electric Drive takes it one tread ahead, situating the battery in the vehicle’s underbody which is considered as the most excellent possible place in case of a crash. Interior of the smart Media-System swiftly exhibits the vehicle’s charge level and energy flow, whereas visually, the face of your smart is towards you. It has the variety of almost 1,500 combinations of wheels, fabrics, and colors, counting the all-new electric green as well. 

Popular Models 

The all time production models of SMart cars are : smart City-Coupé (C450) & City-Cabrio* (*from 2000) , smart Crossblade, smart City-Coupé (C450) & City-Cabrio (renamed fortwo in 2004) , smart K , smart roadster coupe (R452),smart roadster cabrio (C452), smart forfour (W452), smart fortwo (C451),smart fortwo cabrio (A451), smart fortwo electric drive (formerly known as EV) (C453),smart fortwo cabrio electric drive (A453), smart fortwo (C453),smart fortwo cabrio (A453), smart forfour (W453), smart fortwo electric drive,smart fortwo cabrio electric drive. 


Engineered by Mercedes-Benz, the SMart car is the one car that’s perfect for electrification and it’s the smart for two as well.