In the year 2010, there was the first announcement that made as related with the electronic license plates. It introduced in place of California. Now they are looking forward to the launch of the more digital electronic license plates. Well, they have recently got the ball rolling by outfitting the City of Sacramento’s fleet of Chevrolet Bolt EVs with the medium of the Reviver Auto’s Rplate Pro. It has been all coming into the way where it has been featuring out with the monochromatic eReader-like Bi-stable LCD that has covered with protective glass. It has been all the more powered by its replaceable battery and replaces the car’s current that is the analogue rear plate. It is somehow mentioned to be the traditional metal plate is still legally required on the front of the vehicle.

Electronic License Plates Introduced In California


Another most noticeable thing is that the weatherproof internet-connected device allows for automatic registration renewals. It would be permitting you as for the location and mileage of stolen and fleet vehicles that are being tracked by GPS. It would also be able to hence display custom messages such as public service announcements, all along with the amber alerts or paid advertising. As the car is parked, the Rplate Pro can display custom messages such as public service or some other kind. It would have the cost of US$699 plus a monthly service fee of around $7.


It has been all somewhat equipped with the coverage of the 24 cars with the electronic plates and plans on top of adding them to another 11 Bolts that it has yet to receive. The Relate Pro has been on the whole commercially available in California. It has been on the whole trial in a pilot project in Arizona.

Insight the Features of Electronic License Plates Introduced in California

The RPlate Pro comes off with the bistable display and has also seen on with the on e-book readers. It does not require the constant power. The technology would let you get into the adjustment of the custom messages to be displayed. In this way, the customer could have multiple speciality plates to show at different times.

The Drive’s Alex Roy is witnessed to be much fond of these electronic license plates. It is all concerned about their potential to track a driver’s location and speed all along with the capability of displaying a car’s insurance status. The new plates have been featuring off with the optional GPS tracking, and Boston touted the cost savings that hence the DMV will experience if they can update registration with the flick of a switch.

Hence we would say that the digital plate is thicker than a conventional stamped-steel plate. These are into the dimension of round 12 inches by 6 inches. It has been carried out with the standard width and height found throughout North America. The RPlate Pro cost is around $599 and requires a service plan of the value that is less than $8 a month. It would merely allow vehicle owners to express themselves.