The 7th Generation Honda City was announced back in the year 2015 globally. The 2018 Honda City is a forward-facing engine anterior wheel drive semi compacted sedan with beautiful body and shape. This city features the refurbished designing and outlook that is significantly more sleekly resourceful and proficient paralleled to the preceding generation cars, also an innovative variety of extra commanding, cleaner and well-organized machines and engine. Honda City latest conventional introduction date in our country was actually January 2016 but Honda Atlas hop upon the launch of their 6th generation Honda City 2018 and is ready to unveil the 7th Generation in 2018-19 and also, will reveal the date of announcement as soon as the car will take-off the launch all over the world internationally.

Honda has been able to reveal the actual price as well as the much awaited specification particulars for the all in one aspect boosted City Sedan. Accessible through VTi handbook, VTi automatic trim points, this City is being said to kick off from $15,990 and more on the road expenses, them being unaffected from the ancestor cars of this league.

Also, at hand are innovative wheel designs in every variation, also having a vibrant designing behavior through the rearmost bumper. Honda also focused their hard work and efforts upon the interior setting of the car, specially the latest addition of touchscreen that is seen enclosed by extremely intricate edges with the center front board, air apertures along with the beautifully placed gear shifter.

The most standing out pieces of this car series is said to be subject to a grand sum of about $200 price upgrade, compelling its actual selling price to become almost $21,590 along with the additional on-the-road expenses. Cosmic Blue metallic has been introduced as a latest addition to the color variants for the 2018 model along with the crystal black choices as well.


Honda indicated that it really was paying attention to the their many critics and consumers when it announced a 10th-generation Civic sedan 2016 model which was actually a massive jump advancing the forerunners and established a novel standard for compacted car luxury and modification. The Civic’s sedan body panache is most loved and is popular nowadays, and Honda is aware of that and it is evident by the contribution of the extensive variety of trims. The drive train choices of this car are updated to the core.


The 10th-generation Honda Civic was presented for the 2016 model year and, cheers to an extra expansive interior, the considerably loftier compacted car is now categorized as a normal sized car where the preceding generation was deliberated as a compact or smaller car. The Honda Civic sedan, coupe, as well as the four-door hatchback slot beyond the Fit hatchback and underneath the midsize Accord sedan and coupe.

With Honda’s regular practice to sustain a waiting span until a model has undergone a four year time duration for a much needed revitalization of the newness to come. Variations might be limited to negligible trim amendments.

Clients watching out for smaller sedans remain inclined to choose with their much hard earned money, the Honda Civic 2017 model, just as the customers previously did in the past years. There are a complete range of 18 discrete vehicles adorned with the Civic badge in the year 2018, with five Civic Sedans, five Civic Coupes, five Civic hatchbacks, two Civic Si body styles, and a high-performance hatchback.

A Civic Si sedan and coupe with an extra commanding turbo 1.5-liter I-4 was announced halfway through the 2017. As expected, the Si and Type R engines are seen to be supported exclusively by an extremely powerful six-speed manual and great performance levels.


Although City has always been known for lower petrol consumption and fuel efficiency but let us not forget how upgraded and innovative the different versions of Civic has been over the span of last decades. Civic undoubtedly stands out in this face off.

What matters at the end of the day is that the customers of the brand and car variant must be happy with the performance levels of the car. Both of these cars have been known for amazing features and efficient performance, Civic has however, been named out as one of the best consumer’s choice in cars.

All the car fanatics and users must let us know what you think about this face off and which car do you prefer and why in the comment section below!