FAW V2 by Al-Haj FAW has increased the price after the Finance Budget 2019-2020 in which the government implements FED on cars. FAW V2 price increased by PKR 1,389,000 to PKR 14.99 Lac.


According to the Finance Budget 2019-2020, government-imposed Federal Excise Duty on all cars. In the light of FED, all cars have to pay FED according to the engine displacement. The government imposed FED on cars with different percentage and according to the engine displacement of the car. Below are the FED imposed by the government in the finance budget 2019-2020 in different categories of cars:

The cars up to 1000cc engine displacement FED to be imposed 2.5%

The cars under 1001cc to 2000cc engine displacement FED to be imposed 5%

The cars under 2001 and above the FED to be imposed at 7.5%

Aside from the AL-HAJ FAW Honda Atlas Cars also change the price of its cars after the FED and some of Honda cars price decrease after the FED affect.

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Note here, in the month of June 2019 Al-Haj Faw increased the price of its vehicles because of the devaluation of the rupee value against the dollar. See below the prices effected in June 2019.FAW V2 Price Increased After the FED- Autodeals.pk