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FCA Jeep

About JEEP

If you are searching for a vehicle which gives you the leverage to travel in any terrain under any atmospheric conditions then stare no further than Jeep cars. Jeep is the American automobile division of Chrysler Group LLC, a consolidated subsidiary of the multinational car manufacturer Fiat. The company is well-known for manufacturing high quality sports utility vehicles. The first Jeep vehicle was produced in 1941 for military reasons in America. Certainly, the most extensively held theory behind the brand’s name is that the military designation GP (for Government Purposes) was run together into the name Jeep. It is the oldest off-road vehicle makes in the world and presents inspiration for other SUVs marque for instance Land Rover.

Jeep Cars Fleet

The brand has iconic status as it comes to SUVs and off-road abilities. There is no weather conditions your Jeep vehicle will not be able to go through either it is snow, mud, sand, water or rock. There are a number of models to opt from for example the Patriot, Grand Cherokee, Wrangler Unlimited, Compass, Wrangler and Cherokee.

Technology And Performance

In Pakistan, Jeep is a preferential brand when it comes to investing in a consistent SUV. The 4×4 wheel drive with Hill Start Assist makes Jeep an ideal choice to drive on terrains in Swat, Naran and Skardu.

Jeep cars are prepared with high strength tires which are ideal to drive on rugged and rough terrains, particularly in the northern parts of the country. Technologies like Active Drive, Rock-Trac and Command Trac make the Jeep SUVs exclusive from its competitors. Jeeps offer excellent safety and mileage plus a stunning performance. They are your perfect vacation companions.  Jeep vehicles have a towing capacity of equal to 900 kilograms.

5 Popular Jeep Cars in Pakistan

The five Popular Jeep Cars in Pakistan are:

  1. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

The Wrangler Jeep owns the classic legendary 4X4 ability and comes with inbuilt hill descent and hill start assist.

  1. Jeep Patriot

The Patriot enjoys great consumer loyalty worldwide plus in Pakistan. It is well-equipped at every level with ground-breaking interior designing and rugged exterior.

  1. Jeep Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee is a 4×4 SUV that was introduced in 1974. The Jeep Cherokee Country unlimited available in Pakistan sports a powerful 4000cc engine together with a stylish looking exterior.

  1. Jeep M151

The M151 by Jeep was initially an army utility vehicle carrying a 2000cc, 2700cc or a 1600cc engine. These army Jeep vehicles accessible in Pakistan are generally restored to a mint condition and is favored by people who have a special interest in 4X4 vehicles.

  1. Jeep CJ

The CJ7 Jeep is acknowledged for its matchless performance on rough landscapes, particularly in the interior parts of the country.

Final Statement

Jeep is a name of strength, utility, support and sports. .Jeeps offer excellent safety and mileage in addition with a stunning performance .It is a vehicle for all type of terrains.