Social media websites are becoming as being one of the hubs of sale and purchase of non-custom paid vehicles smuggled through the Afghanistan border. The traffickers are straightforward making you deliver the car right at the doorstep by making some extra charges on the whole. The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)’s Cybercrime Unit and Customs Authorities have turned a blind eye just as over this irregularity which could cause a hefty loss to the national exchequer. One of the well known social media website, Facebook, pages named, “Chaman non-custom cars,” is this operating from Afghanistan, and so as the ‘Non-custom cars Alssayart motor dealer,” and wide range of other pages and re-selling websites. On this website, there are almost the valued cars of Rs1.8 million that is merely being sold at Rs0.25 million with the facility of providing the car at the doorstep. This hence minimises the risk for customers being nabbed while transporting the vehicles from remote areas to their places.

FIA, Customs Fail To Take Action Against Websites Selling Non Custom Paid Vehicles

Moreover, the smugglers give away with the surety to the customers to deliver vehicles at their desired places inside the country by charging an additional cost. The smugglers have even mentioned in the social media websites, ‘only serious buyers can contact on Whatsapp (only)”. The smugglers hence do advise their customers to use WhatsApp while reaching them as the messages and calls all the way through WhatsApp are encrypted.

The traffickers do post multiple pictures of every car, as well as a jeep, and also mention the model number, colour, condition, and company name. Plus the traffickers have set up sale centres in their towns close to the border in Nangarhar, Paktia, Khost and Paktika provinces just as owing to a growing demand for the side of the non-custom paid vehicles across Pakistan. This is all the threat of the security that the smuggled cars could be used in any terrorist attack, plus the abduction, smuggling drugs and other heinous crimes as this business is on the success peak.

It has been mentioned by some of the reliable sources, the notified check posts and so as the unfrequented routes along the border are used to smuggle non-custom paid vehicles. They do this as right into the tribal borderlands and then driven to the rest of the country as per according to the customer orders. The federal government has come up with the introduction of the border management system with Afghanistan to regularise cross-border movement.

This has been mentioned to be the complete fraud and illegal business which is being run on social media, and so as other websites online. It hence falls under cybercrime, but unfortunately, no step has been taken to curb this illegal business.