If you want to give your car the best performance and efficiency, durable functioning then keeping it maintained with the excellent fuel economy is one of the important considerations to talk about. There are so many factors that hugely affect the fuel economy of the car. Here we will be discussing on with some of the important factors that affect the fuel economy of your car!

Five Factors That Affect The Fuel Economy Of Your Car




It is a fact that in summer or winter seasons, vehicles make the use of the different set of the fuel. Cold weather has been set aside with the fairly drastic effect on fuel economy because of both mechanical limitations and so as with the owner of the habitual behaviors. Cold air is denser that is somehow increasing drag and decreasing tire pressure. Hence your engine will take longer to reach on with the optimal operating temperature. The car is more favorable regarding the warm weather. As the tires stay properly inflated, and the engines warm up quicker






Your car fuel economy is also affected by the vehicle shape and styling as well. Hence the aerodynamics are responsible for the sake of the styling in both cases. How the car has been cutting through the air has been putting the drastic effect on top of the fuel economy numbers.


On the next of the factors, we will make you mention the name of driving style. So many of the people are hence accustomed to driving styles that have a serious impact on top of the fuel economy. High speeds and so as the quick acceleration can reduce fuel efficiency by up to 33%. In terms to maintain the higher speeds and to accelerate quickly from a stop requires on with the engine to work harder to overcome the car’s inertia.


Next factor is about the in-car gadgets! It is all the more known that the features of the, as well as navigation and touchscreens, are increasingly becoming standard features, and vehicles can even be optioned to add up with the own Wi-Fi hot spots. Moreover, the hones and music players can be connected to the car’s audio systems, and so as with the various other gadgets can be recharged using car charger adapters.


On the last factor, we will make you mention the hidden weight. If the car is heavy, then it means that more power is required to move it, and therefore more fuel. This is why big trucks and so as the SUVs so often come equipped with large as well as thirsty engines. But many drivers neglect their contributions to the problem. It is not important that you need to fill your car with concrete for the weights weight to make a difference.