The word “autonomous” have turn out to be so common in our lives that we cannot spend a whole day without take note to it no less than once. This time just about Ford is under the limelight as it has presently patented for autonomous police cars. Of course, you heard it right Ford will be manufacturing fully automated police cars.

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Since we are forthcoming towards the driver-less car world at a quick rate. Even though most cars on the road these days are level 3 autonomous whereas Level 4 and Level 5 being a very rare. Once level 4 and level 5 grow to be a norm, traffic violations will trim down drastically but won’t go away wholly since human drivers can take over the car at any given case. That is why Ford believes there is a place in future for self-driving police cars. The cars based on AI will be able to find out good hiding spots to grab traffic violators and recognize drivers by scanning license plates, tapping into surveillance cameras and wirelessly contacting government records, issue tickets with no pulling off the driver or even go in chase when required. These cars will have a “Deep Neural System” that can even take charge of your car connotation that it will over-ride the driver inputs and be in charge of the suspect’s car on its own. All this seems out of a science fiction movie; however Ford wants to make it achievable in the near future.

auto industry news - latest auto news - auto news today - latest news in automobile industry

An autonomous police vehicle ,as per to the patent’s abstract “may engage a processor linked with an autonomous vehicle getting hold of a hint of violation of one or more traffic laws by a first vehicle.”

The processor could potentially comprise sensors, navigation and mapping technology, a traffic laws database, recording equipment, and devices for communication –in order to be used to warn drivers to stop, for instance, or to converse with remote operators. Even though these cars will be very intellectual, there will be an actual police driver there in the car at all the time to take control of the vehicle as required and stop at the gas station or charge station foe an electric vehicle.

Even though this sounds very cool and capable, Ford noted in a statement that though the patent is approved, it does not guarantee that a product will be produced.

“We put forward patents on innovative ideas as a normal course of business,” the statement said. “Patent applications are planned to protect new ideas but aren’t essentially an indication of new business or product plans.”

With that said we still expect to see Ford bring this idea to realism one day which in return will make the traffic system very secure in every way possible.