The name of Feel the View knows a Ford prototype hence uses high-contrast photos to reproduce scenery using LED lights. Passengers who are using it would be able to touch the display to feel different shades of grey vibrate at different intensities. The Royal National Institute of Blind People has been welcoming this fantastic effort made by the company standards. They do think that it would be stepping ahead as in contributing to the breaking down barriers and making travel more enjoyable and inclusive for people living with sight loss.

Ford Prototypes Smart Window That Lets Blind Passengers “Feel the View”

What is Ford Prototype Feel the View all About?

In place of Italy, Ford team and GTB Roma designed the prototype with Aedo. It is all taken to be the local start-up that creates devices for people with the medium of the visual impairments. Besides the window displays, the smart car would also be featured on with the voice assistant that does make the use of the artificial intelligence to describe the scenery as to be outside the window. There is a video launch for showing out the technology where the blind woman tracing the outline of a mountain while an automated voice identifies the image as a being the “snowy mountain”.
According to the Ford CEO, they are all the more engaged as in seeking the making of people’s lives better. They are delivering out with a fantastic opportunity to help blind passengers experience a significant aspect of driving. It has been all positioned above a passenger window. As soon as the blind traveler pushes a textured button in its center, later on, the camera snaps a shot of the scenery. They further added that the snap captured frame is then transformed into a high contrast monochrome image that is hence reproduced on the glass using LEDs. The blind passenger would, later on, be able to get the feeling for the image by dragging a finger or fingers across the window. Here so many unusual and different shades of grey vibrate at different intensities that are to be 255 in all.

But there are few of the points that have to be explained by Ford for sure. The people do want to know that how the whole system has been working on with. It is a well-known company that is specialising in aid systems for the blind. Feel the View has witnessed out to be the brainstorming session that is to be run by Ford of Italy with local start-ups. Ford did welcome the whole idea and financed a prototype. It was later on developed by creative agency GTB Roma and Aedo Project.

How Feel the view System Works?

The window has been all boasting up with the built-in camera that as located at the push of a button. It hence photographs the view beyond it. The photo is turned into the light of the high-contrast greyscale image and reproduced through the medium of small LEDs embedded in the glass. This reproduction is hence invisible to the naked eye. Nevertheless, the LEDs provide haptic feedback, as all the more vibrating at different intensities that are corresponding to varying shades of grey. It would also be depicting the shadow of whiter the colour under your fingertips. There are 255 levels of vibration that are to be available.