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Ford The Lincoln Motor Company

The Lincoln Motor Company

A luxury car brand, Lincoln, is from the American car manufacturer the Lincoln Motor Company. It is under the Ford Motor Company. While Lincoln is chiefly marketed in the North American market, a number of units are imported into the Philippines as well.

At present, Lincoln has a limited number of car models which are segmented into four segments: mid-size sedan, full-size sedan, cross-over utility vehicles (CUVs) and sports utility vehicles (SUVs). The Lincoln Motor Company employs the logo of a four-pointed star set on a rectangular shield.

Lincoln as a Presidential Car:

The brand got its name after American President Abraham Lincoln. In 1939, as then President Franklin D. Roosevelt used the Lincoln K Series Sunshine Special edition model, the Lincoln brand walked into history as the official state limousine for the majority of US presidents.Conceivably the most popular Lincoln car was the one employed by President John F. Kennedy- the Lincoln Continental SS-100-X, which was personalized by Hess and Eisenhart of Cincinnati. It was the same car that Kennedy was riding on the day he was murdered on November 22, 1963.Other US presidents who have used the brand take in Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower and George W. Bush. The 1989 Lincoln Town Car was the last Lincoln car specially made by the US government. It had a 7.5 liter EFI V8 engine coupled with an E4OD four-speed automatic transmission.

Design And Features

Lincoln is functioning with CLEAR to offer the drivers a frictionless experience that continues further than the wheel. CLEAR uses a person’s only one of its kind biometrics to allow customers skip long security lines at the airport.Plus it has retractable panoramic glass roof, bridge of weir™ leather-trimmed seats.Lift up your Lincoln experience with a curated collection of interior designer themes— scrupulously brought to life in high-end materials.Lincoln design and features not only engages the senses and imagination, but also signifies the ultimate in Lincoln luxury, comfort and service.

Lincoln’s fleet of vehicles

Presently, Lincoln markets seven models in its American and Mexican markets. In 2007, it took up a three-letter alphanumeric nameplate system starting with the letters “MK.” Just the Lincoln Navigator and the LT do not use this taxonomy. The subsequent are the car models marketed by Lincoln and the dissection each one belongs to: Navigator-full-size luxury SUV,Mark LT-luxury pickup truck,MKX- mid size CUV,MKZ (Zephyr) – mid-size luxury car,MKS- full-size luxury sedan,MKT or MKT Town Car- full-size luxury crossover SUV,MKC- compact premium crossover SUV.

Final Statement:

Lincon Motor Company has a pretty impressive line-up of new cars. Actually, these Ford cars presents what customers want most: fuel economy, technology, safety and outstanding performance. Ford cars have ground-breaking design, together with dramatic interiors and stunning exteriors. Above all, Ford cars are driven by innovation.