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Ford Troller

About Troller

Brief Review

Troller is a small manufacturer that Ford lately bought and that now is present as a division of the Ford Motor Company in Brazil. In 2007 The Troller was bought by Ford and it manufactures mid-sized SUV that looks apprehensively like Jeep .The vehicles are eye-catching, in a brutish, practical off-roader sort of way. Angular creases and lots of dark plastic bits give the exterior a technological feel. A bit of the Defender and the Toyota FJ Cruiser glance is seen in the Troller but overall the design comes out fairly original. Troller T4 SUV is the Troller’s flagship vehicle , which has featured efficiently in many rally races around the globe, counting the Dakar Rally as well.


The Troller company commenced in 1995, by Rogério Farias. The first ever model was built In April 1996 and in 1997, Troller was purchased by Mário Araripe.He then formed a partnership with Rogério Farias, and after that first gasoline-powered T4s were built. The mass-production of the vehicles started in 1999, when a factory was constructed. In 2005, a manufacturing plant started in Angola to build the T4 for the African market. in 2007 The Troller was bought by Ford and hence it came under its wing.

Design And Technology

There’s something definitely amazing about boxy off-roaders .The Troller makes use of solid front and rear axles, gets four-wheel drive, and a correct ladder frame. Troller functions have won over its exterior and interior style statement.

Under the squared-off hood is the Ford’s engine paired to a six-speed manual transmission and the combination is easily outmatched. Distinct features comprise of a twin-pane glass roof for bringing outside scenery closer to the passengers, a high air intake to keep the engine safe as fording high water, and a winch for as soon as things get sticky. The Ford Troller T4 comes equipped with special interior materials to make cleaning mud, dirt, and sand an easy task.

Final Statement

Ford Troller is the company’s very own understanding of the keep-it-simple and high in efficiency. The two-door body, high clearance, and integrated front grille and headlights all speak to the people inside the cabin.