The vehicle is going to be necessary need of everyone and technology move according to the demand and need of consumers. Vehicle technology move fuel to electric and the electric cars move to hydrogen cars. Today we are talking about the new technology of cars hydrogen cars. Hydrogen did not use fossil fuel and running on the basis of hydrogen stored in a high-pressure tank and oxygen absorbed from the air and this process generates energy for the vehicle to run.hydrogen running are better than electric cars because it’s available on the cheapest price as compared to electric cars.

Hydrogen cars future

Hydrogen cell cars are also good for the environment because the engine powered by the oxygen and hydrogen that will produce the pollution.

According to the CEO of Tesla Elon Musk, hydrogen cars have no future because electric cars are better than hydrogen car because electric vehicle run on the electricity and the engine power by the electric motor and the hydrogen cars run on the hydrogen and oxygen and that is impossible for hydrogen cars to success.

But this concept of Elon Musk about hydrogen cars is wrong and have no value because hydrogen cars are cheaper than electric cars and it is costly to run the car on electric power as compared to hydrogen power. Hydrogen cars powered by oxygen and its cheaper, hydrogen sold on the hydrogen refueling stations and it only takes maximum 10 minutes to fill up.

How Did Hydrogen Cars work?

The engine of the car need power to run the electric cars need electric power and the hydrogen cars need hydrogen and oxygen power for the electric motor to run. Hydrogen cars take electric power through the water H2O and oxygen and transfer the power to an electric motor. Hydrogen powered cars take less time to fill the tank on the other side electric cars take more time to charge the car. Hydrogen cars are the future cars because its comparative car is electric powered cars and electric powered cars are down in front of hydrogen cars because hydrogen cars take only 10 minutes to fill up the tank and on the other side electric powered cars take an hour to charge the battery (if you want a fast charge). Hydrogen enters the fuel tank and mixed with oxygen to create H2O in the chemical reaction and after this electricity generates that is used to provide power to the electric motor. Hydrogen power car run 300 miles with one-time tank fill.