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Geely Brands

Geely Owns These Brands

About Geely

Geely is a multinational Chinese automotive manufacturing company .It has it’s headquarter situated in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Its main products are automobiles, taxis, motorcycles, delivery vans, engines, and transmissions. It sells passenger cars under the tag of Geely and Volvo brands. Since 2010, Geely has taken over the Swedish passenger car maker Cars. It got the company from Ford. Since 2012, it has owned the British taxi maker The London Taxi Company .


Originating Geely in 1986 , Li Shufu transformed the company into an ultimate success as a ground breaking  private Chinese automaker. Geely started manufacturing motorcycles in the mid-1990s, small van production started in 1998 and just a year later, it started manufacturing automobiles. The car manufacture began in 2002. Geely came up to Ford in mid-2008 about a probable takeover of Volvo Cars. On October 28, 2009, it was proclaimed as the preferred buyer of Volvo by the American automaker.In December 2011, it was declared that Geely would start on selling Chinese- manufactured and designed cars in the United Kingdom . With the first model to go on sale, at the end of 2012, was the Emgrand EC7. In July 2017 the company procured Terrafugia, an American maker of flying cars.

Technology And Performance

Everyone is worthy of a refined car and to do that, it begins from creating a universal platform. Going towards universal modular scalable platforms and architectures let new technologies to be developed more rapidly and more cost-effectively giving every person the prospects to enjoy driving a refined car.

The inbuilt new techonologies of the Geely cars are: iNTEC brand technologies that are designed taking in account a “humanized intelligent drive” concept with technologies developed to provide occupants a better driving experience and higher level of safety.

Geely Auto’s G-Power range of engines is chiefly lightweight alloy engines .The powertrains are being developed to provide consumers world-class competence, power, and cost performance.

Safety Mission.Safety is Geely’s primary concern .Geely has placed great weightage in the area of automotive intelligence.

Popular Cars

Geely sells passenger cars under two marques ,the one being Geely and the other through its Swedish Volvo Cars subsidiary, Volvo.

Polpular cars are: GEELY LC Crossover, GEELY LC (Panda), GEELY CK, GEELY Emgrand EC718,

GEELY MK2 (Hatch), GEELY MK Sedan, C30, C70, S80, V70/XC70, XC60, XC40, XC60, S90/V90, XC90, XC Classic, V40.

Final Statement

Geely has come a long way with the quality and service which they offer all over the world. The price, interiors, finish on the exteriors is highly praiseworthy. Geely cars are not only great when coming to performance but also they have good looks too.