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GM Autobaojun

About Auto Baojun

A Chinese automobile marque, Baojun is owned by a joint enterprise of General Motors and SAIC Motor, SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile. The Baojun was setup in 2010 as substitute to existing GM brands Chevrolet and Buick. The SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile’s commercial vehicles stayed under the wing of the Wuling Automobile marque. The company’s product contends with domestic Chinese manufacturers for instance Chery Automobile and Geely Automobile. The sales of Baojun models have increased radically, attaining 688,390 units in 2016.

Baojun first vehicle is the Baojun 630 which is a four-door sedan that has been in the process of continuous manufacturing since November 2010.Sales got on track in late 2011 via a dedicated dealer network. The joint venture also presents a localized version of the Daewoo Matiz, also called as the Baojun Lechi.

In 2014, a third model (the 610) was debuted at Auto China and in 2015, the company brought forth the 560 SUV. In July 2014, SAIC-GM-Wuling unveiled a seven-seater MPV called the 730.

Techonology And Performance

Baojun technology has grown and has a performance edge over newer late comer brands to the market. Baojun cars prove to be technologically and performance wise quite advanced. They has experimented with Flexible-fuel vehicles.

Baojun manufactures quite a few flexible-fuel vehicles that can function on E85 ethanol fuel or gasoline, or any blend of both. Baojun builds battery packs which are responsible for battery management systems and power electronics, thermal management, plus the pack assembly. A few of the features contained in the new Baojun cars are: Premium Infotainment Experience, Bluetooth®, OnStar®, GM Remote API Services,  Optional Navigation, 5-Link Rear Suspension, Intelligent AWD and many more.

Some convenient features of models consist of its interior leather upholstery and aluminum and wood trims, USB port, infotainment system, as well as safety features such as tire pressure monitoring system, forward collision alert, lane keep assist, rear vision camera, and rear cross traffic alert, LATCH system, Front and rear parking assist, Active noise cancellation, Folding third row.

Popular Models

Popular Baojun models are: 2017 Baojun E100, Baojun 630, Baojun 630, Baojun 730, Baojun 610, Baojun 560, Baojun 510, Baojun Lechi.

Final Verdict

Baojun is a name of uncompromised design and engineering innovation. It provides a smooth ride with premium features and continues to be a unique and thrilling experience on the road. A long-term devotion to auto manufacturing that characterize capability, safety and reliability and the over-all experience is comfort, luxury and technology under one roof making the brand the leader among the car makers in China.