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GM Buick

About Buick

The Buick Motor Division that is also known as Buick is an exclusive automobile brand of the American producer General Motors (GM). It has the peculiarity of the oldest active American marque of automobile. Buick was the company that set up the General Motors in 1908. Buick in addition has the peculiarity of being the first auto maker around the globe to provide its cars with overhead valve engines.

For much of its continuation in the North American market, Buick has been a premium automobile brand of luxury vehicles to be found above GM’s mainstream brands, e.g. Chevrolet. Buick vehicles are also recognized for their reliability, positioning high in Consumer Reports’ brand consistency ratings.

In 2015, Buick sold 1,231,941 vehicles, a record for the brand. The main market is in China, where 80% of Buick-branded automobiles are sold. Buicks are too sold in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Technology and Performance

Buick makes use of abundant physical and intellectual resources of General Motors to frequently upgrade its automotive technologies. For example, Buick collaborated with GM for the development of EcoTec3 engine family. Its third generation of Emissions Control Optimization Technology (EcoTec) guarantees high performance standards in a more environment-friendly manner. The latest Buick cars are using advanced control and safety technologies to maintain best level of handling and make your drive safer than ever. Most of the technologies used in Buick vehicles are developed by GM and shared by other subsidiary divisions of the parent company and these technologies start from transmissions to entertainment and mobile integration. Buick cars are extremely efficient and durable. Furthermore, they are accessible in a range of engine options to suit the desires of diverse customers.

Popular Models

Model B (1904), Model C (1905), Model F & G (1906–1910), Model 10 (1908–1910), Model 14 & 14B (1910–1911), Special (1936–1958, 1961–1969), Roadmaster (1936–1958, 1991–1996), Century (1936–1942, 1954–1958, 1973–2005), Super (1939–1958), Skylark (1953–1954, 1961–1972, 1975–1998), Invicta (1959–1963), Electra (1959–1990), LeSabre (1959–2005), Wildcat (1963–1970), Riviera (1963–1993, 1995–1999), Estate (1970–1979, 1990), Centurion (1971–1973), Apollo (1973–1975), Skyhawk (1975–1980, 1982–1989), Somerset (1985–1987), Reatta (1988–1991), Park Avenue (1991–2005), Rendezvous (2001–2007), Rainier (2004–2007), Terraza (2005–2007), Lucerne (2006–2011), Verano (2012–2017)

Final verdict

Buick is a name of uncompromised design and engineering innovation. A long-term devotion to auto manufacturing that characterize capability, safety and reliability and the over-all experience is comfort, and technology under one roof making the brand the leader among the car makers.