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GM Chevrolet

About Chevrolet

This vehicle brand is named after Louis Chevrolet, a Swiss race car driver and the founder of Chevrolet Motor Company. It is by now a formal division of the largest American automaker, General Motors Company. A few of its early produced cars comprises Baby Grand, Model T and Series 490.Presently, Chevrolet is presenting a wide range of vehicles in hatchback, coupe, sedan, truck, crossover, SUV and sports car segments. Even though Chevrolet does not hold a huge market share in Pakistan, however it is a well thought-out reliable brand .

Chevrolet Pakistan: 

Chevrolet Motor Car Company was founded on 3rd Nov,1911. Chevrolet is a well-known brand of General Motors (GM). Chevrolet was re-launched in Pakistan in 2004, subsequent to 3 decades of absence. Nexus Automotive (Pvt.) Ltd in joint venture with General Motors is working for new Chevrolet cars in Pakistan.

Performance and Technology Chevrolet Cars:

Chevrolet makes use of abundant physical and intellectual resources of General Motors to frequently upgrade its automotive technologies. For example, Chevrolet collaborated with GM for the development of EcoTec3 engine family. Its third generation of Emissions Control Optimization Technology (EcoTec) guarantees high performance standards in a more environment-friendly manner. The latest Chevrolet cars are using advanced control and safety technologies to maintain best level of handling and make your drive safer than ever. Most of the technologies used in Chevrolet vehicles are developed by GM and shared by other subsidiary divisions of the parent company and these technologies start from transmissions to entertainment and mobile integration. Chevrolet cars are extremely efficient and durable. Furthermore, they are accessible in a range of engine options to suit the desires of diverse customers.

Best Selling Models Of Chevrolet In Pakistan:

In over 100 years of its existence, Chevrolet debuted many vehicles for the global markets. Chevrolet models available in Pakistan are :Chevrolet Joy – Chevrolet Spark, Chevrolet Aveo, Chevrolet Cruze, Chevrolet Cruze 2015, Chevrolet Optra, Chevrolet Camaro

Availability Of Chevrolet In Pakistan:

While Chevrolet cars are not officially sold in Pakistan. Some of these cars are made accessible by Nexus Automotive (Private) Limited-the importer and progressive manufacturer of General Motors in Pakistan. Furthermore, the used auto market of Pakistan has been swiftly growing for the past few years, therefore, the Chevrolet vehicles are widely traded in Pakistan.