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About FAW

FAW, First Automobile Works (FAW), is a Chinese state-owned automobile manufacturer headquartered in Changchun,  Jilin, China. It is China’s first automobile manufacturer having the honor of producing first domestically produced passenger car for, Hong Qi, in 1958. It ranks among the “big four” automakers in China together with Dongfeng motor, Chang’an motors and SAIC motor.

Al-Haj FAW motors (AHFM) is sole distributor and progressive manufacturer of Chinese FAW vehicles in Pakistan counting: FAW passenger cars, FAW light commercial vehicles and FAW heavy weight vehicles. It initiated its first product line in 2006 for Pakistani automobile market. The company’s focal point is on shifting people’s mindset about Chinese cars in Pakistan by presenting durable and high-quality vehicles that are affordable in price.

FAW Company Background:

In 1953, construction of FAW started with a backing from Soviet Union. It rolled out its first product a 4-ton Jie Fang CA-10 truck in 1956. The logo of the company was designed in 1964 which symbolize a Chinese mythological bird. AHFM was incorporated in Pakistan in 2006. It started local production in 2011, in its up to date manufacturing facility in Karachi.

FAW Chinese Car Technology:

FAW motors has been at the front position of promoting China’s car industry. It aspires for total customer satisfaction and has sales of over two million units per annum. FAW has been continuously innovating to sustain with the latest trends in the automobile industry. It has attained breakthroughs in key technology fields of energy efficiency and environmental protection, safety and comfort, reliability and durability, process and materials and intelligent automobile electronics.

FAW Vehicles In Pakistan:

FAW sells under a wide range of brands including some of its foreign joint venture brands. Famous Chinese FAW lightweight vehicles in Pakistan comprise of Sirius S80 Grand, FAW X-PV, the FAW Carrier and of course the the FAW V2. For the Heavy weight category the vehicles FAW include FAW Tiger, FAW J5M-330, FAW J5M-260 and J5M-420.

Final Statement:

FAW has transformed Pakistan’s fastest growing automotive brand by present a range of heavy and light vehicles at affordable prices. Al Haj Faw motors is the leading automotive supplier of Chinese brand FAW in Pakistan.FAW has a 3S (Sales/Service/Spare Parts) Dealer networks in all major cities selling this vast Chinese care brand in Pakistan.