In June, Government has been heading on with some of the plans where they are deciding not to increase the amount of petrol. The current caretaker government has decided to keep on with the petroleum prices unchanged for June. It is to mention that earlier; the PML-N government chose to keep the petroleum prices constant till June 07 just as leaving the decision of changing the rates on incoming caretaker government.

Government Decides Not To Increase Petrol Prices In June

Minister for Finance Dr Miftah Ismail has stated that so far as the Government has ended now, and the new prices of Petrol, Diesel, and Kerosene oil go in effect from the very next day. Therefore, it put into the recommendation of the ministry of finance, and the prime minister has decided to leave their prices unchanged till June 07. In this way, the incoming of the petrol new rates will be put on the decision as well.

Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has even recommended on as an increase of Rs 8.37 in petrol price for June. Hence it would say that the caretaker government has decided not to increase the amount in the category of the petroleum products as for June 2018. Caretaker Finance Minister Shamshad Akhter has undergone with the decision that the ministry had taken a decision not to bring any the increase the prices of petroleum products.


Apart from the fact of not increasing the prices, hence the caretaker government has also maintained Statutory Regulatory Order. This order has all the more issued on May 31st for changes in tax rates by the PML-N government. As on the per reports of the government officials, the prices are to remain unchanged till the end of this month. If the caretaker feels to increase the amount of the petrol, they will. But until that time the prices will remain unchanged. The next newly elected government will make necessary changes in the rates of petroleum products.

Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) merely forwarded a summary to Ministry of Finance on 30th May 2018. On the timeline of this summary, there will be an increase in the prices of petroleum products up to PKR 12. But the government didn’t increase the cost instead forwarded the task to the side of the caretaker government.

The recommended prices have been set to be:

· Petrol: PKR 8.37 per litre
· High-Speed Diesel: PKR 12.50 per litre
· Kerosene oil: PKR 8.23 per litre
· Light diesel: PKR 11.65 per litre
At the same time the current prices of petroleum products are as follow:
· Petrol– Rs 87.70 per litre
· High-speed Diesel– Rs 98.76 per litre
· Light-speed Diesel– Rs 68.85 per litre
· Kerosene– Rs 79.87 per litre
It was the complete set of information about the Government notice on whether the petrol prices should increase or not. It seems to be the excellent decision by the side of the caretaker government in favor of the Pakistan citizens?