The government plan to introduce electric rickshaw and motorbikes in the country. Recently Ministry Of Science and Technology head Chaudhry Fawad Hussain announced that electric motorbike and rickshaws will soon introduce in Pakistan to reduce carbon emission and also to reduce the import of oil in the country.

The oil price increase in the international market and the currency devaluation also increase the rates of import for our country. Pakistan highly depends on the import of oil because over all the world the production of motorbikes in Pakistan is high it means the usage of motorbikes in the country is highest than in other countries. The carbon emission gas that reduces from bikes and rickshaws is very dangerous for human health and create pollution in the environment.

The production of electric motorbikes and rickshaws will help to reduce the import of oil and also reduce pollution. Moreover, Mr. Fawad Chaudhry said the electric motorbikes and rickshaws are available at a cheaper price and this step is just taken to reduce over-dependent on import of oil.

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Most of the young generation in our country travel on motorbikes and the new introduction of electric motorbike will encourage them to buy an electric motorbike and reduce the expense of oil because the overall price of petrol in the country is high.

The maximum import of oil in the country every year is around $12 billion and if the electric motorbikes use in the country Pakistan will save a heavy amount.

The government has also plan to introduce electric cars in the country but it is not possible early it takes time because the cost to produce electric cars is high as compared to the motorbikes and rickshaws. To start up the introduction of electric vehicle in the country its very good that government starts this to a small level.