With the intention of bringing some noticeable change, Toyota introduced the new facelift design of the Toyota Corolla GLI in 2017. Corolla is a much preferred in Pakistan and its revise version in 2014 has made it more popular.

As per the recent information, the 2018 model will only fetch cosmetic changes and Toyota is not anticipated to include any new features to the Corolla GLI.

Major Differences

2014 (left) vs 2018 (right)

One of the chief differences is the front is the new-fangled headlight-shape which is a bit more aggressive and contains halogen bulbs together with LED clearance lights. The new front grille is partial-chrome plated and sits right on top of the newly designed trapezium intake. The new bumper gets the premium-look at the same time also upholding  the sporty theme of the current generation’s Corolla.

2014 (left) vs 2018 (right)

Coming to  the rear, both models are approximately  the same and the only disparity is the new tail-light configuration. This time, it’s an LED combination and it is only obtainable in GLI and above variants. An additional change is the chrome-plated strip in the middle among the tail-lights and that too, is only obtainable for GLI and more premium models.


The interior is probable to vary much as compared to the 2014 model apart from a few cosmetic trims, colors, and the Air Conditioning vent.

On the whole, the beige and black themed interior is tremendously spacious – one of the chief reasons for taking into account a Corolla.

The GLI 2018 will also have sophisticated safety features for example Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD), and the added support of Brake Assist (BA). SRS-airbags are also comprise of the front passenger and driving seat. Security features take in an immobilizer key to give security against theft.

As per rumors,the 2018 GLI-manual is predictable to have a price tag of Rs. 1,889,000 while the GLI-automatic should cost Rs. 1,964,000,