Honda has made itself to be one of the people’s favorite brand as it grabbed several awards in the survey conducted in the year 2017. Well, the Japanese automobile giants have eventually ruled the local market for the much of the decades now and enjoyed an exceptional market reception. There has been no such kind of the doubt that Pakistan’s automobile is not so diverse and mainly dominated by three companies only. This does mean that the companies have eventually come up with their best to beat the each other. Honda has been taking into account all the major awards that do means that the customers are satisfied with what the company has to make them offer.

Honda CD 70 Win Award For The Best Bike In The Resale Value Category

List of Categories Honda was the Top Choice:

All the automobile enthusiasts voted for Honda as the top choice in following categories namely as:
Best Car Award
Favorite Brand
Quality Vehicles
Best Car Award

In Which Categories Honda won Best Awards?

Honda Civic was known out to be the people’s favorite option under the “Best Cars” category. Honda’s was taken to be the top-of-the-line model won the awards based on following factors:
Best car based on performance — Honda Civic
Best car based on safety — Honda Civic
Best car based on comfort — Honda Civic
Best car based on features and accessories — Honda Civic
Best car based on Interior design — Honda Civic
Best car based on exterior design — Honda Civic
Best car based on environmental friendliness — Honda Civic
The imported car with best interior design — Honda Vezel

The Honda Civic also hold on with the market share of 11% locally, that makes it come around to be the third largest in Pakistan behind Honda City. Honda City has even won the title of the best car award under the “value for money” category.

List of Brands Included in the List:

Honda was eventually voted as being the top favorite brand that the customers want to buy. The top three brands in the same list were as mentioned below:

Well, the participants were eventually asked to rate the brand as by the quality that the vehicle provides. Honda was yet again the customers’ favorite brand regarding quality as well just as beating all major brands by a good margin. At the same time, the Honda’s bikes swept all major awards adding on with the people’s favorite brand, best value for money, and so as the quality. The bikes by Honda won the below-mentioned awards:
Favorite brand —Honda
Best quality — Honda
Value for money — Honda CD70
Fuel efficiency — Honda Pridor
Best bike based on the cost of ownership — Honda CD70
Best bike based on resale value — Honda CD70

The company is holding on with the 56% of the total two-wheeler market that is somehow clearly at the top. On the whole, we would say that being the highest resale value inside the country, Honda is one of the most loved ones as because of its robust features and influential factors.