For some of the people buying the car is taken to be the hectic and troubling task for sure. It is troubling no matter whether one is buying a used or a new car. Straight away from its mileage, as well as performance and safety features, you need to attend with every aspect of car buying. However still one of the most critical factors in buying a car is its price.

How Many People Spent On Buying A Car?


Survey on How much people spent on Buying a Car:

· Around less than 1.0 million has been paid by 27%.

· Around 1.0 million- 28% has spent 1.5 million.

· Around 1.5 million- 20% has spent 2.0 million.

· Around 2.0 million- 8% has spent 2.5 million.

· Around 2.5 million- 5% has spent 3.0 million.

· Around 3.0 million- 2% has spent 3.5 million.
· 5% has spent
· around 3.05 million.

There is around 75 percent of the respondents who did say that they had spent under PKR 2 million on buying the car. In the year 2017 around 81 percent consumers said that they had paid under PKR 2 million on buying the car.

This survey has often unveiled that more people can buy now buy cars worth that is in between 2-3 million. There is somehow an increase of 7 percent of people who opt to buy cars that are in between 2-3 million. In the previous survey, there was around only 6 percent who were willing to buy a car right into the digits above.

On the sum up the discussion, we would say that the car purchasing power of the people has increased tremendously. It hence shows that the economy of the country is getting better too.

If some person has been earning the amount of around $150,000 a year might spend $52,500 for a new car. It will be considering and to buy a wide range of brand-new vehicles, that would be for sure the luxury models. If any person has been earning $150K, they can buy the car with the amount of $100K. If you are making the amount of $25,000 a year, you can quickly get the high-mileage used car for $2,500–$3,000. If you are earning $80,000, you can soon get the used car for around $10,000 or $12,000.

It was the end of the discussion about the number percentage of the people who are involved in the concept of buying their car. No doubt that buying your car, house or the property is a significant investment to do. With the passage of time, the rate of these three sectors will keep on increasing out. It was much helpful for you to learn some interesting facts about buying your car.

Are you ready to invest in your car concept?