The accurate adjustment of rear view mirrors is vital in regards to safety of yourself, passengers and others on the road. Your rear view mirrors should be adjusted in a way that they efficiently remove the blind spots.

A blind spot in a vehicle is an area in the region of the vehicle that cannot be directly observed by the driver while at the controls. Blind spots may happen in the front of the driver as the A-pillar, side-view mirror, or interior rear-view mirror block a driver’s view of the road. At the back the driver, headrests and additional pillars may also decrease visibility.

Lots of accidents could be avoided if everyone had their rear view mirrors positioned properly, eradicating the blind spots and making it easier to switch lanes swiftly.

How to Set Up Interior Rear View mirror

The rear view mirror is an accurate demonstration of the distance of objects behind you as the glass is flat. Setting the interior rear view mirror should be completed as follows: Sit in your normal driving position and by means of your left hand, grip the plastic surrounds of the mirror and move it so that you can see the whole rear window and as little of the interior as likely. basically, ‘Frame’ the rear window in the mirror.

How to Set Up Right Side Door Mirror

Sitting in your normal driving position, position the right wing mirror in such a way that the horizon is in the center of the mirror. Make sure there is only a very small portion of the side of your car in the left-end of the mirror. This will make you to see more of the road behind you. It’s vital that you adjust the mirrors in the driving position after you have accustomed the seats properly or you will require setting the mirrors again.

How to Set Up Left Side Door Mirror

Adjust the left wing mirror by means of the same technique as the right mirror, sitting in the driving position after the seats have been adjusted. Nevertheless you can set the left mirror to some extent lower than the right mirror, this will consent you to have a better view of the kerb at the same time as doing maneuvers & reversing the vehicle. Make sure you do not set the mirror too low and that you can still see the end of the road (horizon) clearly.