While driving remind the thing that you can save yourself from the accident by yourself because no one knows who you are and nowadays nobody cares about other on the road so you have to care yourself and look around you. When you are on the road remember the rules of the driving don’t break the rules because the major reason behind the increase the ration of a road accident has drivers did not follow the rules of driving and that’s why the accidental ratio increase day by day.

Below are some tips to avoid the accident

Keep your eyes on the Road

When you are driving around the other vehicle just remember one thing that you are only driving the car. Focus on your driving will save you from an accident. Keep your eyes on the road will help you to drive safely and carefully. Keeps your focus on your driving nothing else because the car is not the place where you can do multi-tasking.

Don’t use Cell Phone

Do not use the cell phone while driving because during driving cell phone distract your attention from the road. Don’t even use the hand free or other types of electronic material. If there is an important call on your cell phone then stop your car on the side of the road and then attend your call. Cell phones are not allowed on the rules of the driving because you don’t know the situation and sometimes there is some news that will disturb you and diverse your attention.

Follow the rules

Always follow the rules of driving because when you drive on the road you are restricted to follow the rules. If you break the rules according to the rules you will pay fine. Rules are made for us to save us from the accident the best tip to avoid accident follow the rules of the traffic.

Maintenance of your car

Maintenance of your car is very important because it will save you from any incident. Car maintenance is very important because sometimes you face a problem on the road and this will cause of the road accident because other people don’t know your problem. Before going on the long drive must maintain your car and take an extra tyre in your car will help you in any condition.

Check your car’s brakes

Before start driving must check the brakes of your car. This is very important for yourself because your car breaks have very important. Brakes will cause a very serious accident and this will not only dangerous for but also it will create the problem for others.

Follow speed limit

Follow the speed limit and don’t exceed the speed limit some time sudden brakes cause of the big accident. When you are driving too fast you don’t know who is behind your car and this increase the risk of the accident. Follow the speed posts and don’t be too fast on the road because some time over speed will cause of the brakes fail.