Customs duty is an amount that paid for the vehicle as a tax of the vehicle. Government charge customs duty against imported cars and it’s compulsory but for disabling a person they have allowed to buy a car without customs duty. FBR issued a notice that disables persons buy a car without paying customs duty to overcome their disability. The government gives this relaxation for the disable persons to encourage them to move in society and make the easiest ways for them.

Terms and Condition Apply

How to buy a car without customs duty in

Terms and condition also apply for disable person according to the condition at the time of imported car disable person must have import authorization certificate that issued by the ministry of commerce for his/her favor to buy a car for itself. Disable person allowed to buy an only one car and not allowed to sell the car before the expiry of the five years from the date car arrived in Pakistan and even not allowed to transfer the car to any other person. Under this scheme the person who is suffering from a physical disability ( mentally retarded/ handicapped and old age disability) they can buy a car without paying customs duty. Here are some conditions to import car for a disabled person:

  • Disable person only import a brand new car.
  • The disabled person has not imported a car exceeding engine capacity of 1350cc.
  • The disable person to import a car for personal use, not for commercial use.
  • In case the death of disable person authorities transfer the car to the legal heirs of disabling a person.


How to buy a car without customs duty in

  • Disable person must have a valid driving license its means a proper authorized driving license to drive a car.
  • The person has verifiable personal income on income which has been income tax has been paid between Rs 20,000 and Rs 100,000.
  • The disabled person has not imported a duly free car and nor he has not purchased a locally.
  • He/she has not been rejected by the board during the proceeding the date of application from the last two years.


  • Disable person must show a valid driving license.
  • National Tax Number (NTN) certificates and the document of annual income tax returns.
  • The person must have the Medical certificate/ X-rays in support of declared disability.
  • Computerized National Identity cards for confirmation of the disabled.
  • The disabled person applies with the medical practitioner to the Secretary Provincial Health Department along with the copies of documents.
  • The Committee has the right to improve or reject.
  • All of this depends on the final decision of the committee.