Following is the Cars Import procedure Video Demo:

Step by step guide on How to Import Cars in Pakistan

Visit: AUTODEALS.PK > Click Auction Section in Menu

Visit Our Website for online live auction of imported cars with the help of using these below few easy steps

Step 1:

On main menu You may Click on Auction and after this you got login page  as given below . You ‘ve required user name and password to visit our live auction and catalog

From Our given contact number you get temporary username password for login after this you need to click on login button


Step 2:

After successfully logging you get five menu on our page as given below :

On Clicking of 1st option “JAPANESE AUCTION” you can visit live auction where you get concern data off cars about milage, model,made,condition,engine power and price etc .

Step 3:

After clicking on “Japanese Auction” you get a selection column over there as you can see below:

You can Select any Made , Any Model from this list for auction and after this you get all relevant cars below at page.

Other Menu At our site

So here I am going to brief you other menu after login

Cars Catalogue

As given below icon clicking you get list of brands and countries from where you import cars and also

the auction sheets of available cars over there as well


Sale Statistics

After clicking on this menu you can compute your requirements with market that  your required car’s on max to lowest price at market on the behalf of condition and packages

One Price

After clicking on this menu you may get easily fix price of your required with included all taxes with original price