To improve the traffic management system the government has started the e-challan system. Punjab Safe City Authority PSCA started this system in Lahore to control the traffic system and fix camera’s on main points if you cross the signal in red light the E-challan system will automatically catch you and send your challan at your home with pictures.

How to check your e-challan

How To Pay E-Challan-Autodeals

You can easily check your e-challan through the internet. Visit the traffic police website enter your vehicle details and it will show all the details about your car and also show your unpaid E-challan. It requires your vehicle details with your CNIC.

If you don’t pay your e-challan?

If you do not pay your e-challan you will pay a fine within 10 days you have to pay your fine otherwise according to the rules your vehicle seized. If the owner of the vehicle did not drive then the challan will be payable from the vehicle’s own address. If the owner of the vehicle did not pay their e-challan the traffic police will seize their vehicle and give them back their vehicle after paying the e-challan with fine amount.

How to pay e-challan

How To Pay

You can pay your e-challan through online banking. You can only pay your e-challan on the Bank Of Punjab while the National Bank Of Pakistan (NBP). You can also pay your e-challan through ATM don’t wait for the long queues just go to the nearest branch and pay your challan before you will pay your challan with the fine. Android mobile application is under development to pay e-challan through mobile so don’t waste your time and pay your e-challan on time.

Can you sell out your car if you’re e-challan Unpaid?

If your any e-challan has unpaid you are not allowed to sell your vehicle it is necessary to pay your E-challan because under the unpaid challan vehicle will not be sold. Pay your fine to complete your documents.

Why e-challan Start?

E-challan started to control the traffic management system and very important for strong management. Most of the accident causes arise because of breaking the traffic signals. the e-challan system only runs in Punjab and Islamabad government try to manage the traffic system that’s why to start this system and for future Traffic, police authority has the plan to introduce this system in the whole country to control the traffic system and maintain the rules.

Bottom Lines

Pay your e-challan on the time it to save from fine because if you are not paying your challan you will face a serious action from traffic police. Traffic police make this system to guide us to follow the rules. Pay your e-challan on time to follow the rules.