There isn’t sufficient data display on the web with respect to the exchanging of a vehicle starting with one proprietor then onto the next, and for this situation, from bank’s possession to your name. There may be some data about ETOs of Federal or Punjab territory, however, there wasn’t much about Karachi ETO. In this guide, I have attempted to clarify and write in detail each progression you need to experience to complete this in Karachi. So let’s start.

The entire procedure takes place at Civic Center, University Road, Block 14, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi. It is important to identify the three locations of concern at Civic Center:

  • Motor Registration (M.R. Wing) located on the Mezzanine floor of the Excise & Taxation, Motor Registration Office.
  • Photocopy shop near the Excise & Taxation, Motor Registration Office.
  • Motor Vehicle Checking Staff office located at the backside of Civic Center.

For simplicity, the process has been broken down into four parts:

  • Purchase of the ownership transfer documents
  • Have the vehicle’s physical inspection done
  • Verification and submission of documents
  • Collection of documents
  1. Purchase of the ownership transfer documents

Proceed to the Photocopy shop and buy the following documents:

  • O. Form
  • Sale/Transfer Deed
  • Scanning Order Form

The Sale/Transfer Deed is printed on an Rs. 200/- stamp paper with attestations on it of Rs. 300/-. The Scanning Order Form authorizes a person to collect the vehicle documents at the end, so get the photocopy of the Buyer’s CNIC as an inset picture on the Scanning Order Form (If Buyer is the same person who will pick up the vehicle documents). The total cost would be Rs. 550/-.

  1. Get the vehicle’s physical inspection done

Proceed, along with the vehicle, to the Motor Vehicle Checking Staff office located at the backside of Civic Center. The compound is accessible by the back road and may be hard to find, so ask for directions if necessary. Fill the front page of the T.O. form and assemble the following documents in a file before entering the compound (a file is required since it is stamped on during later stages):

  • Purchaser’s CNIC copy
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Bank (ensure that the certificate has not expired)
  • Original car book along with Running Paper
  • Original sales certificates (green + pink copies)
  • Original sales invoice (green + pink copies)
  • Original car registration certificate
  • Original Letter of Sales from Vehicle dealer to the Motor Registration Authority
  • MV tax receipt of registration fees, number plate
  • Latest MV tax receipt (ensure tax is paid for the period)

Go directly inside the compound and submit the file to the officer along with the T.O. form. After checking the documents, they will send a clerk to inspect the vehicle. After checking the number plate and engine details, he will fill the upper half of the backside of T.O. form, after which the form would be given back to the clerk for stamp and signature.

  1. Verification and submission of documents

Proceed to the M.R. Wing on the mezzanine floor of the Excise & Taxation, Motor Registration Office with the complete file. Have your documents verified by getting the T.O. form signed by an Excise & Taxation Officer (ETO’s office is the room with the wooden door opposite the counter window bearing alphabetical series of your vehicle number plate). After obtaining his signature on the back of T.O. form, fill the sales deed and the scanning form and join the queue outside the counter window bearing alphabetical series of your vehicle number plate. On your turn, submit the file, along with car book, T.O. Form, sales deed, and scanning form to the officer at the counter. Submit the Transfer Fees (Rs. 1000/- for 970 cc vehicle) and the scanning fees (Rs. 150/-). Obtain the receipt from him on which the time and date for the collection of the file would be mentioned. (Note: The information for the transfer fees on the website: is incorrect and misleading).

  1. Collection of documents

Processing duration for documents is about 7-10 days. On the day mentioned on the receipt, go to the same counter window and submit the CNIC copy of the person authorized to collect documents (as on scanning order form). Receive the file and check the car book for the updated transfer details.


Here is the breakdown of the cost.

T.O. documents Rs. 550/-
Transfer Fees Rs. 1000/-
Scanning charges Rs. 150/-
Total Cost Rs. 1700/-

Note: It takes a minimum of two days if one can complete the first three steps in one day and collect the file on the prescribed day. I have heard that the cost of this process through an agent is Rs. 3000-4000/-. If one wants to avoid all the drudgery (khawaari), one can engage one of the many agents standing outside the Excise & Taxation, Motor Registration Office and bargain with them.