After the car manufacturing, one of the biggest market in Pakistan to be covered is the market for bikes. Every single year millions of bikes are manufactured in Pakistan, and so many companies are somewhat involved in this task. So many of the companies have been putting together their best of the constructed models of the bike on the massive timeline basis. In all such best companies we come about with the name of Honda. In the year 2017, Honda has launched over 1 million bike units on the tremendous success rates. So many of the latest trends are to follow on when it comes to the buying bikes task. Some of the people do opt for the used bikes, and some of them do attain the bikes that already used.

Interesting Trends of Buying Bikes in Pakistan Uncovered

As according to the survey in the year 2017, there is the percentage of 63% people who bought a new bike. On the contrary, 33% of them responded they had purchased a used bike. This data is the clear evidence of the fact that the new bike market is going. In the same way, there has the percentage of 83% of the users or the owners who said that they have spent with the cost of around Rs. PKR 100,000 on the purchase of the bike. In this same data result, there were around 86% who said that they had bought a locally assembled bike. Nevertheless, the 5% asserted the fact that they had imported a bike from another country.

This statistics data has been showing off with the whole picture of the bike manufacturing industry in Pakistan. It even shows out the entire behavior of bike users towards the market set up. It shows that how many people are dangerous with the market intentionally and which of them are not severe.

Hence we would also like to mention out the fact that it is just the buyers or the consumers that would either set the market high in the success or low with their reputation. If Honda is ruling on the market with their bike models, then it is just for the reason that its customers have been quite enough satisfied with the production of the bikes for sure.

Do you think that in the coming few years the bike market of Pakistan would raise much more of the success standards?