To control the lane violations and to ensure the smooth flow of traffic in the capital city Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has formed a special square. The basic purpose to create this team is to maintain the lane violation system in Islamabad and control the traffic to break the traffic rules.

The all head of the traffic zone and inspector SP (traffic) Khalid Rasheed was taken this step immediately to maintain the traffic discipline, avoid lane violation and to control the road accident. He also said that this team will work for smooth traffic flow.

SSP Farrukh Saeed also directs to the education department to make road survey and create awareness in people about the discipline of the road and teach them the disadvantages of a lane violation. He also said that the main purpose of this team is to the safety of the citizens.

SSP ITP strict action against violators he also restricts that no leniency give any violator. This step was taken when the news viral that only 40 % of traffic signals are working in Islamabad. Islamabad Traffic Police create this team to maintain traffic rules and help the citizen to save their lives.