The government has taken strict action against the motorcyclist who is not wearing a helmet while driving. The current government starts a different campaign against the motorcycle driver who did not wear a helmet and encourage them to wear a helmet and saves their lives.

Every year thousands of accidents occur on the road and most of them are motorcycle drivers who do not wear a helmet and the death reason were a head injury. Karachi Additional IG Ameer Sheikh started this campaign in Karachi from 1st  July. The purpose of this campaign is to create awareness in the people about wearing a helmet all the time while driving and in this campaign, Karachi Traffic Police finds 13000 motorcycle drivers who are not wearing a helmet. In the result of this campaign, Authorities collect 1.9 million fines for the motorcyclist drive without wearing a helmet.

During this campaign, IG Ameer Sheikh stated that “Helmet Nahi To Kuch Nahi” he also said that the fine will be applied on all motorcycle drivers who were not wearing a helmet. Furthermore, he announced the good news that they are going to start the camp in which they provide a good quality helmet with cheap price.