Are you excited about listening about the launch of the Grand Carnival related with the Kia Lucky Motors? If yes, then right through this blog post, we would be making you learn about in detail on over features and so as the specifications related with Kia Lucky Motors. Kia company has a few months back came up with the agreement with Yunus Brother’s group to re-launch KIA brand under ‘KIA Lucky Motors’ inside Pakistan.

Well, so far fantastic launch related in respect with Grand Carnival that set up with 11 seater passenger form of vehicle. Well, this is an excellent feature because after such long time the return of the company into passenger car series is somehow returned over.

Kia Lucky Motors Launches Grand Carnival

Inside Details About Amazing Kia Lucky Grand Carnival:

  • This great grand carnival has all equipped in the timeline of features of 3.3-litre engine sector that has been all mated with the six-speed of the auto transmission.


  • It has been producing over with the 270 horsepower at 6,400 rpm and 318 Nm of torque at 5,200. The length, as well as width, and height of the vehicle is about the range of 5115mm, plus 1985mm and 1767mm over the respective terms.


  • Plus capacity regarding the car has been about 11 individuals that make it turn out to be the incredible looking car design.


  • The car has been all the more boosting over with the steering wheel remote control. It has been featured on with the Bluetooth hands-free, as well as auto speed control, and so as the auto air feature of conditioning over means in the 3-zone factor of power.


  • It has also been added over with sliding door button, with the push-button start.


  • Few of the major features being part of the car are as mentioned to be panoramic sunroof and dual airbags and the infotainment system, plus the power design of seats, tri-zone form of climate control, smart critical remote, an automatic defog system, conversation mirror, as well as heated steering wheel as well as overhead console.

Price Range of Grand Amazing Carnival inside Pakistan:

Well, the market price of the stylish Grand Carnival has been starting from Rs.3,999,000 plus ends on with the Rs. 4,799,000 in favor of high-end version. It is also put together with the access of the four years or 100,000 km warranty.

Inside sources have stated that the Kia Lucky has also undergone the marketing of 1000CC, as well as 1400CC along with 2000CC cars. It put together access to one-ton trucks. This outstanding car is the complete set in the midst of auto air condition feature with independent 3-zone controlling timeline.

It does come up the sliding door button with the smart critical remote too. It would make your offer with the characteristics of the auto defog inaccessible with the conversation mirror also.