Kitty Hawk has just newly come up with the storyline as where they will be using with the flying vehicle that does not require with any license for the operation. In the year 2017 Alphabet CEO Larry Page showed off with the “Flyer” vehicle as in the new side of the project dubbed in the project named as “Kitty Hawk”. It named after the North Carolina town as where the Wright Brothers created their first aircraft designated as Kitty Hawk.

Kitty Hawk Reveals First Personal Flying Vehicle That You Don’t Need A License To Operate

What to know About Kitty Hawk Flying Vehicle?

The main aim of the Kitty Hawk flying vehicle has been all concerned about the launch of the recreational vehicle which anyone can learn to fly on with. As mentioned about the details of the craft page, it has been all lifted on with the ten electrically-driven props. The flyer has been carried away with the large boats instead of the traditional landing gear. Kitty Hawk has often recommended making it flown over the side of the water. Hence the top speed of the vehicle has been limited to 20 miles per hour. It does have the altitude caps out at ten feet. At a maximum size of the speed, it can fly 12 to 20 minutes just as before needing to come in for the sake of recharge.

Main Features of Kitty Hawk Flying Vehicle:

In the United States, the Flyer put into the classification of the ultralight aircraft. It means that no special license is required to operate it. The vehicle has also been offering with the toggle switch that raises and hence lowers the altitude. It has been added with the joystick to control roll, pitch, and yaw. An onboard computer is also part of it that do handles fine corrections to keep the aircraft stable.

It would not be wrong to say that the Flyer is a far cry from Kitty Hawk’s aspirations of a network of flying taxis. It is somehow safer, faster and also cheaper too.

Limitations of Kitty Hawk Flying Vehicle:

· It is wholly taken as the medium of the recreational vehicle.

· Being small in size, still, it has the lithium polymer battery that powers it lasts just as only for about 20 minutes.

· It has been put together with the establishment of air traffic control systems, and vehicle safety standards.
· It would be much exciting to drive a flying car, but still, you need a long road for the public to accept the vehicles overall.