Lahore Traffic Police in action against tinted glass vehicles and give the deadlines after 13 May those who used tinted glass in vehicle traffic police will treat them strictly.

As per the police details, tinted glass increase the security risk and everyone should avoid this at any cost. But for JDM cars in which company fixed tinted glass on the vehicle, there is no countrified notice about these cars from authorities and don’t worry Traffic Police have the experience to check that the tinted glass fixed by company or vehicle owner. Traffic Police Lahore hasn’t issued any notice about these cars because it’s defaulted by Company.

From today if anyone drive vehicle on the road with tinted glass will face a stick from authorities because the law applies on all vehicles. Authorities start these campaign for the safety of the public so don’t ignore this action obey the law for the safety of yourself.

Moreover, the Rawalpindi Transport Authority (RTA) also take action against the illegal bus terminal in the Pirwadahi area of the city.